Flowmeter with multiple I/Os from Endress+Hauser

This is designed for water and wastewater analysis

Flowmeter Gets An Upgrade To Become Remote

A better display is among the improvements

How To Choose The Right Flow Meter?

These 7 tips will help you select something suitable

New flowmeter for checking digester gas outputs

Methane and carbon dioxide sniffer gives key process health indicators to the wastewater treatment industries

New ultrasonic flowmeter

This device is designed for use in industrial, process, power utility, fresh water and steam circuits

Upgrades to flowmeter

Now measuring, process and diagnostic information is available real-time via a single communication channel

Flowmeter for metering viscous fluids

Built for metering viscous fluids, such as hydraulic oils used in heavy machinery, at pressures of up to 700 bar and temperatures up to 150°C

Flowmeters for measuring petrochemical additives

Careful monitoring of their addition to any process is essential, and often this is best done using petrochemical flowmeters

Low flow meter for nickel processing

Used to measure the flow of chemicals for three discrete applications - sodium hypochlorite based biocide, a polyacrylamide dispersant and a corrosion inhibitor comprising a mix of zinc sulphate with maleic acid copolymer

New option for variable area flowmeters

The VA40 WIM provides a 4…20mA output for variable area flowmeter with glass measuring tube

Tackling high flow rates and custody transfers

Accuracy and reliability dominate the demands that process companies make on their flowmeter technologies, particularly when it comes to high flow rates and custody transfer. Eugene McCarthy reports

Oil and gas industry safety survey

Designed to enable manufacturers and resellers to test assertions about functionality and construction and quality of manufacture

Ultrasonic flowmeter helps achieve ‘metering intelligence’ for pipeline monitoring

Direct path measurement improves stability and lowers costs in natural gas custody transfer and secondary metering applications

Ease of use and reduced costs drive flow meter developments

Suppliers of flow meters are launching innovative new products designed to help process users solve problems, increase profits and reduce costs. Sean Ottewell reports




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