How to calibrate a flow meter without removing it

New in-situ unit is for oil & gas applications needing regular validation

Ultrasonic flow meter receives update

Biogas monitor now features a pressure sensor

Enhanced flow meter verification system

The new software uses real-time intelligence and calibration of Coriolis and magnetic flow meters

Flow meter provides built-in temperature compensation

This is for where raw materials must be dried accurately

New explosion-proof flow monitor

Remote programming is a key product feature

New calibration system for flow meters

This is designed for flare gas monitoring on offshore platforms and other hard to access production sites

Virtual flow meters launch

This collaboration is focusing on the offshore oil and gas industry

New transmitter improves flow meter

The metal tube variable area device is designed for extreme conditions in chemicals, petrochemicals, oil and gas, and LP gas applications

Battery mag flow meter

The M5000 designed to meet demands of water metering applications while being IP68 protection rated and OIML R49 and MID MI-001 certified

Flow meters: stay in control

Direct mass flow meter enhances close ratio control of natural gas and air feeds in combined cycle gas turbines

Bespoke fuel management

Solution to a range of problems, surrounding supply, delivery, remote reporting and security

High-voltage unipolar Hall-effect switches

Typical applications include position and proximity sensing, open and close detection, contact-less switches, level detection, and flow meters

High-voltage, wide temperature range Hall effect latch family

Provides various operating magnetic thresholds to address motor control, rotational position and speed sensing requirements

Coriolis hydrogen fuelling flowmeters

Developing clean fuel and hydrogen-fuelled hybrid vehicles is becoming an increasing priority for western economies. As hybrid vehicles become more mainstream the need to provide hydrogen fuelling stations has arisen.

Gas mixing software for flow meters

qMix eliminates need to send flow meter back to the factory for gas composition changes

Refrigerant flow meter

Suitable for measuring the low viscosities encountered with volatile refrigerant fluids measured in the liquid form

Electromagnetic flow meters re-designed for even greater accuracy and convenience

ZMAG suit applications throughout the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and biotech industries

Ultrasonic flow meter sets

Ultrasonic flowmeters utilise the transit time difference for measuring flow rates in pipes non-invasively




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