Portable GC/MS for chemical hazard identification

FLIR Systems announces the Griffin G510 Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer

Intrinsically safe gas detection camera

The FLIR GFx320 detects and visualises invisible hydrocarbon gas emissions, such as methane, and common volatile organic compounds

Broadband IR camera detects subtle heat differences FLIR

Suited to a wide range of applications, including use on test ranges, non-destructive testing, research, and scientific applications

Detecting temperature differences on PCB components

Thermal imaging offers a good way to diagnose problems in the design phase of a PCB, to test it before it is supplied to a customer or in the qualification stage

Infrared cameras for monitoring manufacturing operations

Regulations exist in most industrialised countries that specify thousands of inspection points around a manufacturing operation and how often they must be monitored

Camera scans large areas remotely

FLIR camera helps oil and gas producer reduce emissions and saves money

Thermal imaging software tutorial for R&D

FLIR Systems ResearchIR 4.2 thermal imaging software provides researchers and scientists with a for viewing, acquiring, analysing, and sharing thermal data

Advanced thermal imaging cameras for NDT and materials testing

Non-Destructive Testing is a standard method used to evaluate the properties of a material, component or, system without causing damage

Remote detection and localisation of gas leaks

RoboGasInspector provides a safer, more efficient and more reliable detection solution for gas leaks in industrial facilities

Increasing sensitivity of optical gas imaging cameras

Using the high sensitivity mode even the smallest of gas leaks can be spotted using a FLIR GF Series optical gas imaging camera

Cooled thermal camera for high speed industrial automation

Suitable for automated thermal inspection and process control on high speed production and processing lines

High definition infrared camera

FLIR Systems announces the new FLIR 1030sc High Definition Longwave Infrared camera

Optical gas imaging helps ensure continuity of power distribution

FLIR GF306 optical gas imaging camera detects leaks helping avoid breakdowns and ensuring the continuity of their power distribution network

Thermal imaging provides offshore preventative maintenance tool

The use of optical gas imaging cameras has already become a standard practice in many oil and gas companies

Pocket-sized thermography camera

FLIR C2 offers professional grade thermal imaging in a slim and lightweight package

CO2 leak detection camera

Lets plants prevent unplanned outages by allowing them to inspect equipment while it is still online in the course of normal operations

EU chemical industry looks to optical gas imaging

Optical Gas Imaging is identified as a best available technique for measurement of diffuse emissions of VOCs

Continuous monitoring cameras improve inspection efficiency

Optical gas imaging cameras are widely used in industrial settings, such as oil refineries, natural gas processing plants, offshore platforms, chemical/ petrochemical facilities

High temperature inspection by thermal imaging

For the high-temperature measurement of industrial furnaces, chemical heaters, and coal-fired boilers, without the need to shut down the operation

Spotting leaks in tanks, pipelines and facilities

FLIR's GF320 is capable of rapidly scanning large areas and miles of piping





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