Offshore diesel filtration system

Bespoke pleated filter supported by stainless steel outer cage and core

High efficiency filters for speciality inks

Enable filtration of a 1000kg batch of UV curing ink in around 45 minutes

Smart simulation solution

Ulrich Heck reveals the merits of using computational fluid dynamics for filter applications

Advances in filter technology for industrial water processing

In light of growing global resource shortages and the cost of processing ‘new’ fresh water, effective treatment of used water or water for non-potable use is vital to reducing overall process costs

Rings sent packing

Dixon Rings can be packed in their millions into distillation columns, producing a significantly increased surface area for filtration

Two-in-one coalescing filter

Combines the reliability and performance of wrapped filters with a 40% reduction in pressure drops compared with pleated filters

Filtration reduces detergent consumption during parts cleaning

Solutions that increase efficiency and sustainability in industrial applications

Low loss RF cable assembly

Applications include security, medical, defence and aerospace, including marine IP68 waterproof, test and measurement

Specialist software for filter systems

Gives engineers secure virtual access to solvent extraction dual-media filter systems and coalescing filters at hundreds of remote sites worldwide

Caution – Leakage currents!

Herbert Blum investigates leakage currents in fault-current protected environments




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