Chrome free surface coatings for bolts and other fasteners

Rudolf Knott and Dr Jochen Schneider look at the benefits of using a chrome (VI)-free coating for the surface protection of high-strength steel fasteners

Precision cold forming receives a warm reception

Jon Severn investigates how precision cold forming has the potential to help manufacturers reduce component costs by up to 70 per cent

Easier mating-thread alignment

PEM fasteners with 'float' capability enable easier mating-thread alignment

The invisible tape

Christina Barg-Becker reports on an adhesive innovation for fixing cells within crystalline solar modules

Titanium Nitride coated taps

Dormer Tools has further expanded its high performance, multi-application threading programme

Fasteners enable sheet-to-sheet attachment without screws

Aluminium fasteners can be specified to attach super-thin membranes to very thin cosmetic substrates





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