Guide enables easy mounting of cabinet locking systems

FDB Panel Fittings is introducing a new clip-on rod guide that will help to reduce the time required for installing cabinet door hardware

Over-centre latches suit medium-duty applications

Protex Fasteners is introducing new 75 series medium-duty over-centre latches that are available in a choice of stainless steel or zinc-plated mild steel

Padlockable swinghandles suit harsh environments

Emka is introducing new stainless steel and polymer swinghandles that can be locked using standard padlocks

Flexible adhesive preforms: a simple approach to sealing and bonding

Multi-Seals F05 Poly-forms are flexible pre-shaped adhesives designed for bonding diverse materials, including metals, plastics, and glass

Industrial connector housings are easier to install

Thanks to a choice of mounting styles and additional space for wiring, Harting's latest size 3 A Han HPR series industrial connectors are simpler to install

Stainless steel access interlocks designs for hygienic areas

New to the Fortress Interlocks range of access interlocks is the stainless steel DMSK unit that is manufactured from stainless steel with a design that avoids dirt traps

Stainless steel conduit is easy and quick to install

Anamet Europe has designed its new IP69K stainless steel flexible conduit to be easy and quick to install by means of push-on fittings

Innovative camlock provides enhanced security

New from Camlock Systems, the Series 35 locking device features an all-new isotoxal mechanism with an innovative asymmetrical warded keyway

Captive fastener suits 19-inch rack front panels

FDB Panel Fittings says its captive Snap-Joiner fits standard 19-inch rack cutouts, enabling rapid assembly and removal

Bonding fasteners suitable for composite panels

Bonding fasteners require no depth of material to provide a very strong and reliable fastening. Matthew Stevens reports

Anti-rotation solution solves the problem of spinouts

Ives Dekeyser outlines the latest developments for a mechanical fastener, specifically an anti-rotation solution for a demanding application

Wing screws: five new models

Specialist in plastic fasteners, BÜLTE screw range includes five new models of wing screws, offering more than 160 possibilities

Keeping track

Nord-Lock’s has introduced a laser marking for every washer pair

Torque management ensures the security of threaded fasteners

Nobody wants a threaded fastener to fail. Paul Stevens reports on some of the latest developments for ensuring that threaded fasteners are tightened correctly and do not lose their tension over time

Fast fit dividers simplify flexible conduit installations

The dividers have rounded internal corners for easy pull through of cables and mounting lugs for secure fixing

Bonding of fasteners with ultra-fast light curing adhesives

Opens up new design possibilities for mounting components, says Bollhoff Fastenings

Welding developments continue to boost productivity and quality

As a family of related yet diverse joining technologies, welding continues to evolve - though designers and production engineers are always demanding greater process improvements. Paul Stevens reports on some of the latest developments in welding that could offer major advances

Self-clinching concealed-head studs and standoffs

Solution for applications where the host metal sheet must remain completely sealed from air, liquid, dust, gases

Cutting the cost and time associated with custom fasteners

Alistair Rae looks at some recent developments that are helping designers to reduce the cost and lead time for custom fasteners

Bolts with waisted shanks put rail company back on track

SBB and Bossard AG worked in a very close co-operation to develop a stable bolted connection that also increased functional safety





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