Innovative coating launched

Ben Hayes reveals a new anti-corrosion subsea coating for bolts and fasteners

Protecting fasteners in highly corrosive environments

DuPont has developed a new water-based, low-VOC coating solution based on Teflon PTFE

Fasteners for thin metal assemblies

Create strong right-angle attachment points to enable tighter design control

Surface-mount PCB fasteners for automated pick-and-place assembly

The latest surface-mount PCB fasteners offer the same easy, automated pick-and-place assembly as any other surface-mount component or IC

Connector for rapid attachment of motor test leads

Simple clamping action enables them to be quickly locked onto terminal blocks with various pin spacings and diameters

Self-clinching captive panel screws

Designed as lower-cost alternatives to spring-loaded versions

Simplify the sourcing of standard parts and fasteners

For machine designers and builders, time to market is an increasingly important issue. Speeding up the supply of those many small parts, such as fasteners, fixtures and fittings can reduce overall project time significantly. Sarah Gray reports

Reusable shock, heat, vibration resistant fastener

From downhole to topside, a reusable, internal thread form is improving oil industry reliability, resisting thread loosening without secondary locking features

Floating self-clinching nuts

Enable easier mating-hole alignment in relaxed tolerance applications

Fastener solution for composites

As composite materials grow in both range and volume of applications, the challenge to find the right fastening solution continues. Matthew Stevens explores some of the trusted fastening solutions

Screw it, but why?

microPEM TackSert and TackPin products are being used extensively to replace screws in many popular handheld and portable electronic devices

Heavy-duty studs with large diameter heads

PEM Type THFE studs clinch permanently into thin metal sheets and reduce stress on panels

The fundamentals for self-clinching success

Self-clinching fastener technology enabled the development of ever-thinner and lighter end-product designs. Leon M Attarian reports

CAM clamping levers for swift and secure fastening

CAM levers are suitable for applications that require a high clamping force which can be quickly applied and released

Blind rivet nut studs with coarse threads

Typical applications in the automotive sector are the fixing of plastic nuts, plastic cable holder or holder for pipes, hoses and wires

Studs for thin metal assemblies

Provide alternatives to weld studs or other joining methods by enabling easier installation with fewer production steps

Metal fasteners for extreme conditions

Refractory metal fasteners suithigh temperature, high voltage, magnetism, and harsh corrosive environments

Corrosion resistant shaft collars for marine and subsea applications

Applications found in AUVs, ROVs, seismic activity detection, tidal power and deep sea drilling equipment





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