Better connected for improving both safety and productivity

Nico van Loey explains how an intelligent coupling solution is proving popular for longwall mining applications

Mining: dissatisfaction with OEMS' after-sales service and availability of parts

Mining companies could shift market share away from OEMs if product quality is compromised

Mining companies call for OEMs to support cost reduction

Mines throughout Europe and the former Soviet Union dissatisfied at costs associated with their equipment

European energy model ‘is broken’

The core reasons are that the large incumbents’ thermal generating assets are losing money due to a disconnect between the cost to generate using fossil fuels and wholesale prices, says Paul Verrill

European injection moulding: recovery but not for all

The packaging sector remains by far the largest injection moulding market in terms of polymer volume consumed

The future of energy in the EU

Where does the European Union stand on the future of energy? The overall impression is one of political compromise, not regulatory efficiency. New guidelines raise questions rather than action, says Professor Ralf Boscheck

Extensive exploration of unconventional gas reserves

Fuels North American and European Oilfield Chemicals Market, says Frost & Sullivan

EU domestic shale gas production could add a million jobs

Shale gas could add a total of 1.7 trillion to 3.8 trillion euros to the economy between 2020 and 2050, says study




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