Why increased levels of automation are a good thing

The adoption of Industry 4.0 does not give rise to an overnight transformation. However, most factories are beginning to see its effects take hold. Jonathan Wilkins reports

Technologies tipping Industry 4.0

Jonathan Wilkins discusses three major tipping points that are pushing Industry 4.0 to become a vastly realised concept

Protecting electrical enclosures in hotter climates

It is important for plant managers to consider the temperature of their electrical enclosures when the temperature begins to increase outside. Jonathan Wilkins explains how plant managers can inspect their equipment and enclosures

The future of maintenance engineering

Jonathan Wilkins discusses how Industry 4.0 is changing the way businesses approach maintenance

Energy efficient robots

Jonathan Wilkins discusses how three technologies can improve the energy efficiency of industrial robots

Automation for sustainable development

Jonathan Wilkins explores how advanced technology can be used to create sustainable solutions and tackle world poverty

Guiding industry

Jonathan Wilkins discusses how automated guided vehicles have advanced from simple materials handlers to intelligent autonomous robots

Fit for the future

Jonathan Wilkins discusses how factory design can impact operational efficiency

The Benefits Of Predictive Analytics

Jonathan Wilkins discusses the benefits that predictive analytics holds for automation

Keeping engineers in the loop

Hardware in the loop (HIL) is a type of real-life simulation used to test industrial control systems. Here, Jonathan Wilkins explains how HIL simulation can reduce bugs

Walk around the factory of the future

Jonathan Wilkins discusses how digital twinning is shaping the future of manufacturing

Designing for Industry 4.0

Jonathan Wilkins explains the changes design engineers face as Industry 4.0 booms

Turning up the lights on dark data

Jonathan Wilkins discusses how manufacturers can use their dark data for commercial benefit

Seeing the way to the factory of the future

Machine vision systems use smart cameras and sensors to interpret their visual surroundings. Jonathan Wilkins discusses the role of machine vision in the factory of the future

In the hands of industrial automation

Jonathan Wilkins explains the new job roles automation is creating within engineering and manufacturing

Automating the construction industry

Jonathan Wilkins explains how technologies such as drones and robots are being used to allow for off-site manufacturing and faster builds

Improving plant safety with industrial automation

Jonathan Wilkins discusses how plant managers can improve safety by increasing automation

The future of drones in manufacturing

Jonathan Wilkins discusses the future of drones in production

The robots are coming — but they’re here to help

Recently, PricewaterhouseCoopers predicted that by 2030 up to a third of UK jobs could be affected by automation and robotics. But are robots really taking our jobs? Jonathan Wilkins predicts the impact of robotics on the job market

Going soft with robotics

Jonathan Wilkins explains the applications of soft robotics in manufacturing





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