Preparing Ethernet for Industry 4.0

How Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) can support manufacturers

Layer 3 Ethernet switches family expands

New designs are for automotive and other embedded applications

Unmanaged industrial Ethernet technology

These switches connect to CCTV cameras, passenger information systems, sensors and lighting

Tiny 8cm 5-port Ethernet unit for PLCs

These can be fitted into any already-wired electronic cabinets, racks or shelves where space is at a premium

New Industrial Ethernet switch

This is designed for rugged environments

Tiny interface for Ethernet

This is for small and mobile devices

Lightning surge and ESD protection

3.3V, 15A TVS diode arrays provide lower capacitance, higher power handling capability than other solutions

Flat panels use Ethernet connectivity for greater flexibility

Connection via Ethernet instead of graphics interfaces also brings greater flexibility in the development and introduction of decentralised operating concepts

Standalone data logger

Provides simple monitoring of production quality, efficiency and throughput

Factory networking unites with IT

Like all marriages, that of fieldbus with IT and/or other fieldbuses is fraught with flare-ups and breakdowns, but ultimately both parties know they have no option but to try and make it work, asserts Boris Sedacca




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