£22m project improves water quality

Scottish Water designed and costed a project to remove storm water discharges and redirect them to a new sewer

Fluorescence technology to pinpoint oil leaks at sea

Oil spill detection technology platform capable of detecting the natural fluorescence of even tiny amounts of oil in or on water

Collaboration in UK oil and gas decommissioning market

Providing companies with an enhanced solution for current and future decommissioning projects

Novel fuel cell technology brings new class of distributed power

A company has used patented solid oxide fuel technology originally intended for the space programme to create a new class of distributed power generator that produces clean, reliable and affordable electricity directly at customers' sites

New solar-grade silicon feedstock ups efficiency

Research in Europe and Japan has shown that the efficiency of solar cells can be substantially improved. At the same time, solar power is being increasingly adopted as part of mixed renewable energy projects around the world. Sean Ottewell reports

Membrane inlet mass spectrometer measures dissolved gas species

HPR-40 MIMS System, from Hiden Analytical, assists in denitrification studies

Tougher coatings for water industry

Primary application is in the coating of underground and above ground water fittings made from ductile iron

EU greenhouse gas emissions fall for fifth year running

Emissions dropped by 1.9 per cent from 2007 while the economy grew by 0.6 per cent

Exploring carbon dioxide storage possibilities beneath the Moray Firth in Scotland

Target rock in the Moray Firth is buried more than half a mile below the sea bed and lies at least 30 miles into the North Sea

Multi-million pound project creates sorting facility for industrial waste

Schneider Electric delivers one-stop solution for waste management control system

Skimmer boats to aid Gulf of Mexico oil spill response

Four 35-foot and three 21-foot vessels transported from Nantes in France to New Orleans

Biofuel processing takes a step closer to reality

The start of a biomass-to-liquids demonstration project in Austria and the award of funding to a commercial bioethanol project in England highlight how close such processes are to competing with traditional fossil fuel sources

Legislation drives demand for emissions monitoring

Tougher environmental legislation is driving the emissions monitoring, from acquisitions and distribution deals to new technologies

Improving efficiency and cutting emissions with gas turbine technologies

Operating companies are turning to advanced gas turbine technologies to boost efficiency and meet emissions regulations. Sean Ottewell reports

Novel Norwegian technologies help in Gulf of Mexico

With the world's focus on events in the Gulf of Mexico, a trio of Norwegian innovations are helping in the clean-up campaign. Sean Ottewell reports

Offshore platforms could be hot spot of fish abundance

Potential for man-made structures - offshore platforms and installations for renewable energy - to be used as reef habitat




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