PLM vs ERP– do you really need both?

Bob Hillier shares the best practices for companies caught up in the PLM vs ERP debate b

Product lifecycle management versus enterprise resource planning

Do companies need both? Which one is better and why? Can a fully-integrated solution to business and production process management end the PLM vs ERP war

The crucial scope of plant scheduling

Roch Gauthier looks at why executives need to view scheduling as a vital part of the business decision-making process

Big data, big plans

Swelling data volumes in oil and gas make enterprise planning essential, says Knut Møystad

Collapsing architecture in infrastructure

There will be 25 million industrial and commercial connected devices in use by 2020. Here, Nick Boughton discusses how greater connectivity is changing infrastructure

Mind the gap: can software substitute skills?

Dr Martyn Jeffries describes how software quality assurance can address the skills gap in UK automotive industry




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