The role of women in engineering

Women in Engineering day celebrates the achievements of female engineers each year on 23rd June 23rd. Presently, only 9% of engineering professionals are women. Helen Marston reports

Computer-aided engineering drives hydraulics to new heights

Jim Cairney looks at the use of computer modelling techniques in the development of hydraulics

Engineering versus IT: a perfect storm for manufacturing

The worlds of engineering and IT are banding together. Manufacturing is becoming more IT focussed and this is accelerating the cycle of product obsolescence. Jonathan Wilkins reports

Move over millennials, Generation Z is here

Robin Whitehead explains how engineering companies and manufacturers should change their recruitment strategy as Generation Z joins the workforce

Skills to pay the bills - combat the skills shortage

It's no secret that we are in the midst of an industry-wide skills shortage, despite unemployment falling to the lowest levels since 2008. The new challenge is finding employees who are skilled to meet the demands of technical jobs. Cat Whitford reports

Cyber sexism deterring girls from engineering

Cyber sexism is putting girls off engineering careers according to new research from EngineeringUK to mark the start of Tomorrow’s Engineers Week 2015

Engineering is no longer a man’s world

Amy Wells compares unusual roles women have played in the past with the current struggle to get more women into science and engineering

Simplify the sourcing of standard parts and fasteners

For machine designers and builders, time to market is an increasingly important issue. Speeding up the supply of those many small parts, such as fasteners, fixtures and fittings can reduce overall project time significantly. Sarah Gray reports

Food processors shine with stainless steel motors

With ever more plant and machinery used in food production, storage, processing and logistics, OEM engineers are looking to design-in cleanliness. Motor expert Bill Bertram explores the issues

Engineering skills shortage: political parties must do more to help

Comprehensive survey of UK engineers reveals only one-in-four (26%) believe efforts to rebalance the economy towards industry and manufacturing are working

Permanent magnet motors: Why engineers should be familiar with the technology

One technology set to redefine expectations is the permanent magnet AC motor, which is an increasingly attractive alternative to the currently ubiquitous induction or squirrel cage motor. Rick Munz assesses its advantages

Shortage of 1 million women engineers

UK’s science, technology, engineering and manufacturing companies back campaign to boost the retention and development of women employees

Collaborating to compete: a smarter way

Peter Carney discusses how by collaborating, companies can improve performance and succeed

Demand for engineering talent still outweighs availability

While the number of job applications has decreased across a number of sectors over the last quarter, engineering roles have witnessed an 18% year on year increase in level of applications

More action needed to boost number of women engineering academics

Universities must do more to retain women in scientific careers, according to a new report publishe. The UK's House of Commons’ Science and Technology Committee Report on Women in Scientific Careers makes recommendations to attract and retain more female STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) academics.

IP68 ratings are in the bag

Spelsberg UK offers a silicone gel solution which can be applied to almost any enclosure quickly and without any mess

Using split roller bearings in coal-fired power stations can save time and money

Revolvo has developed special labyrinth seals; efficient maintenance is key to running a profitable power station

Development charity launches recruitment drive for engineering professors

Volunteers will teach as well as train their academic peers in Ethiopia, says Voluntary Service Overseas

New parallel-shaft ac gearmotor

Bison Gear is adding eight new models of parallel-shaft AC gearmotor to its range of Von Weise Drop-In Replacement gearmotors

ROV in hunt for unexploded munitions in the Baltic Sea

Alasdair Murrie looks at how an ROV is being deployed to find munitions dumped in the Baltic Sea near a pipeline





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