Modelling transformers for high-voltage power distribution

Dr Beriz Bakija discusses the benefits of modelling, designing and testing transformers

Actuators must withstand high humidity, salt, wind and rain

Wind power now accounts for 20 per cent of Denmark's electricity needs. Donna Guinivan visits AVN's plant, Silkeborg, Denmark, to get the full story on this and the future of wind power in general

Lubricating the wheels of innovation to reduce friction

Drake Calvin takes a look at some up and coming innovations in friction reduction

Dc motors deliver higher performance and efficiency

Dc motors are increasing in popularity due to their performance advantages over ac motors for applications ranging from high-speed automation to electric motorbikes. Jon Severn reports on a selection of recent developments in dc motors and drives

Advanced solutions key to creating competitive advantage

For process plants to run at maximum efficiency, there has to be seamless information transfer during the design, construction and operation phases. Tobias Scheele highlights one important optimisation solution

Multiple processes in one machine only

The NARA Paddle Dryer once was designed as an indirect dryer

Coal-fired power plants capacity to grow by 35 per cent in next 10 years

Coal-fired power in Asia will rise to 1,464,000 MW in 2020 up from 918,000 MW this year, says McIlvaine Company

Initiative boosts anaerobic digestion expansion plans

A UK government-backed initiative has been launched to promote greater use of anaerobic digestion in the production of green energy

Quick steam generator boots automatically from cold state

Despite the recession, a record number of exhibitors and visitors attended a German event that focused on sustainability, efficiency and renewable energies

Modular steam boiler

The steam boiler development Universal Modular Boiler (U-MB) is an innovative shell boiler; steam output ranging from 200kg/h to 2t/h

CFB offers potential solution to carbon emissions problem

Robert Giglio and Justin Wehrenberg investigate circulating fluidised bed technology as a potential solution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Optimising electricity supply to boost efficiency and reliability

Macao's sole electricity generator is investing heavily in the latest transformer segregation alarm and outage management systems as it strives to improve supply reliability

Membranes for use in thermal concentration processes

OSMO Membrane Systems GmbH (OSMO) has succeeded in modifying spiral wound reverse osmosis technology to reach operation pressures up to 120bar (1700psi)

Affordability, portability and precision key to thermal imaging

The latest thermal imagers focus on affordability, portability and the sort of precision you would normally expect to find with more advanced solutions.

Doubts raised over safety of two widely used plastics chemicals

Sean Ottewell reports on new research which suggests that two chemicals widely used in the processing of plastic products may be more hazardous than previously thought

Pumps for molten salts

Pumping of molten salts as a heat carrier for chemical reactors is a central application for The Rheinhütte Pumps Division of Friatec AG

Powder testing for optimal process design and operation

The optimal design and operation of solids handling plant rests on effectively predicting powder behaviour, before processing. State-of-the-art powder testers help engineers achieve this challenging goal in a cost- and time-effective way. Reg Freeman explains

Robust future for low voltage ac and dc drives market

Despite the current economic downturn, the market for low voltage ac and dc motor drives remains robust. It is a similar story for the higher voltage market with 2009 already seeing a number of new product launches aimed at the process industries.

Overspraying can reduce energy consumption by 30 per cent

Painting is one of the most energy intensive stages of the car manufacturing process. New technology has cut this by 30 per cent, along with demands for both process air and water. Sean Ottewell reports

Process analysers - pushing for the standardisation of devices

Oliver Schmitt, founder member of the OPC Foundation's Analyser Device Integration working group and Business Line Manager with Malvern Instruments, looks at what lies behind this initiative.




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