Clustering feature enables integration of all facilities and control on yacht

Through clustering, control environments can reduce the high costs associated with multiple redundancies in hardware, while still ensuring server availability

HVDC cable sets standard for transmission projects

The Netherlands and Norway are now linked, thanks to an underwater cable using high voltage direct current (HVDC) technology. Based on this success, the same solution could also be used to join the Netherlands and Denmark. Sean Ottewell reports

Energy improvement: look at the big picture for real savings

Russell Page examines how a holistic approach to energy improvement can deliver real savings

Drive saves £14,000 in a year

The drive replaces automotive supplier’s existing single-speed starter works in conjunction with a compressor management system

Major tidal turbine contract

The Neptune demonstration design is on schedule for delivery in 2010 at the UK tidal test centre located in Orkney, as a precursor to commercial deployment

What exactly is an ac drive and just how does it work?

Olli Tevä outlines ac drive technology and, in particular, its uses in HVAC applications

A multitude of means to improve fuel efficiency and cut emissions

Paul Stevens reviews some of the numerous technologies that are helping automotive manufactures to deliver vehicles that consume less fuel and produce fewer harmful emissions, but without sacrificing performance or comfort

Micro-manufacturing now offers advantages for specialist processes

Miniaturisation is not new, but manufacturing mechanical, electromechanical and fluidic components on a micro scale is rapidly developing into a recognisable industry in itself. Alistair Rae reports on a selection of the latest developments in this exciting field

Roller chain drives offer longer life, even in harsh environments

Roller chains have evolved a long way since Leonardo da Vinci sketched his ideas in the 16th century and Hans Renold invented bush roller chain in 1880. Jon Severn takes a look at some of the latest developments in power transmission and conveyor chains, as well as chain attachments and chain-monitoring sensors

Microbe has potential use in recovery from oil sands

A microbe originally developed to help environmental clean-ups has also been shown to be highly effective at increasing oil recovery from oil sands - without added chemicals

Speed control mounts on permanent magnet DC motors

Bison Gear has developed the Tightdrive speed controller that can be mounted directly onto motors to give a 20:1 speed range

Computer-on-module is more compact

Kontron claims that its new microETXexpress-PC is the smallest COM Express Pinout Type 2 compatible computer-on-module currently available

Wireless power: the next wave in powering electronic devices

New analysis from Frost and Sullivan finds that induction based wireless power could represent the next wave in powering portable electronics

Space-saving mobile radio modem for industrial applications

Allows users to connect and monitor remote applications via the packet-orientated data transfer service in locations where a landline connection does not exist

Redesigned dryer range boosts efficiency

Uses including packaging, assembly, plastics production and moulding, automotive, construction materials manufacturing, printing, and oil and gas activities

Manufacturters’ electricity costs 51 per cent higher than last year

However, the upwards trend through 2008 was reversed in Q4 with the cost of electricity reducing by 27 per cent from the high cost points of Q3 2008

Legislation key to integrated photovoltaics growth

The European Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) market is showing great investment and growth potential as it spreads through Europe.

Ball bearings benefit from 30 per cent less friction

SKF's new E2 bearings have a lower frictional moment, which means that they can help to save energy in a variety of applications

High-flow resins enable parts to have thinner walls

Sabic Innovative Plastics is launching the Valox family of super high flow resins for moulding thin-walled connectors and other electrical/electronic components

Intrinsic safety barriers for hazardous areas

Intrinsic Safety Barriers provide both power and signal isolation for an incremental encoder with differential quadrature outputs and an index




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