Inverter range caters for variable torque applications

Available in a number of designs, including IP55 variants of the QD:E and QD:CT PLUS that are suited to harsh environments

Increased level measurement accuracy

A maintenance-free and more accurate solution is available from TC-Klinger based on the guided wave radar (microwave) principle

North American large-diameter pipe orders under pressure

With significant declines in the commodities and energy complex, North American large diameter pipe-makers will experience a slowdown. K C Chang reports

Future success: co-operation and collaboration is imperative

Mohammed S Madi, Regional Vice President Saudi Petroleum Limited-Beijing, argues that for ongoing success, the petrochemical industry needs to develop and enhance its critical relationships with all stakeholders, regardless of their size and location

Rugged Ethernet switches for extreme environments

A mean time between failure is calculated to more than a 100 years, making these units suitable for situations where there are severe operating conditions

‘Smallest’ MID compliant energy meters

The new EM23-DIN energy meter from Carlo Gavazzi providse accurate measurements for energy cost sharing/allocation and utility metering

LEDs offer rare ray of hope during electronics downturn

LEDs are expected to enjoy a revenue increase of 2.9 per cent in 2009, following 10.8 per cent growth in 2008

Vertical-axis wind turbine gets go-ahead

Government funding is helping Qinetiq and other project partners to start work on a novel offshore vertical-axis wind turbine

Seismic power source ups geohazard survey efficiency

Speed and efficiency are crucial when seismic survey operations take place inside the Arctic Circle

Eyes on the Arctic as race to find undiscovered energy intensifies

The Arctic promises much in terms of energy resources, but huge technical, economic, environmental and social challenges will have to be overcome if the region is to be exploited successfully

Cable protection is stronger, lighter and more versatile

With environmental issues and energy saving being hot topics in our current climate, you would not think that a cable fairing would be something that would spring to mind in either of those categories. Alan Cooper reports

NTC thermistors: versatile and durable

Electronic Sensors are critical components for industrial control applications. The operation of industrial processes depends on the interaction of sensors and actuators with electronic controllers. Electronic sensors are also important in modern domestic situation

Exploring benefits of quasi-resonant converters for power supply systems

Jon Harper looks at how equipment makers can bring the efficiency advantages and lower EMI of quasi-resonant power conversion to lower power systems.

Laser-based security system for extreme weather conditions

Effective nighttime security is a critical deterrent to crime and terrorist activity around the world

Design advances extend the scope of heat exchangers into new areas

Heat exchangers have always been at the heart of industrial heat recovery systems, but the latest advances in their design are making them even more central to manufacturing processe

Flat Stations increase comfort and save heating energy

Rising energy costs and increasing environmental straining, combined with more demands for comfort at home, require efficient control and heat metering for the benefit of the individual consumer, which avoids waste of energy. Halldor Kristjansson reports

Pump sensors and controller deployed to power car plant HVAC

During the design phase of a new automobile factory in Shanghai, ITT Industries' Bell & Gossett unit was called in to resolve HVAC system problems. The result is an advanced and efficient set of pumps sensors and controller that power the HVAC system for the large industrial facility

Small drives can mean big energy savings on production lines

Saving energy on a large scale therefore is not rocket science, one area that is equally as simple, but in many instances is being overlooked is small motors and small drives, often driving continuous process items such as fans, pumps and compressors

Flexible meter technology for a fast changing energy market

Energy companies have been developing business practices to comply with changes in industry, government legislation, and general shifting attitudes towards energy management

Intelligent actuation allows better system control at solar power plan

Novel actuator technologies are giving the level of fine control required to ensure that industrial activities reach new levels of efficiency and cost effectiveness




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