7MW solar power plant for mine in Namibia

Installation will be used to reduce reliance on a heavy fuel oil (HFO) power plant currently used to power the mining facility

Module uses interference blocking to boost range

Provide reliable long-range, low-data rate connectivity for industrial IoT applications

Battery pack manufacturing

For hybrid and electric vehicles, power tools and energy storage applications

Tube couplings: alternative to ferrule fittings

VOSSLok40 offers process security and creates extremely tight connections

Recharging the energy industry: managing demand and constraint

Martyn Williams and Mark Hardy reveal how new technologies, such as smart grids, big data and business intelligence, enable a more efficient use of resources in the industry

Future force measurement

John Cove explains the role of precision measurement for large scale manufacturing in the energy and aerospace markets

Simple solution for rust removal

Chelating agent offers safe and simple solution to rust removal

The cyber security layer cake

As industrial software becomes more intelligent, cyber attacks are becoming more complex. Martyn Williams discusses the latest developments in industrial cyber security

Wide-temp rugged embedded boards perform 24/7

Support the extended temperature range from -40°C up to +85°C

The power of persistent security

Tim Ricketts provides some useful hints and tips for businesses looking to improve the security of their Industrial control systems and better protect their business from cyber attacks

The evolution of industrial brake technology

Steve Powell tracks the evolution of industrial brake technology over the past 45 years, and highlights some of the key technical and commercial changes which have occurred

Being smart about smart meters

Steve Hughes looks at why smart meters are a smart investment for businesses and how they help to overcome power quality challenges

Space and planet-saving cleaning

Alcohol-free window wash solutions for both commercial and business vehicles

Rust: protect your assets

NCH Europe has developed two protective permanent coatings to protect the integrity of infrastructure and prevent the development of rust

Think smarter energy

Industrial automation components supplier EU Automation has produced a one page guide to smart technology

Energy and the Internet of Things

Martyn Williams discusses the influence of the Internet of Things in the energy sector and the role this technology will play in future-proofing the energy infrastructure in Britain

Ultra high-speed imaging helps development of alternative fusion process

Energy demand will increase by 50% by 2030 thus research and development to create working fusion reactors is taking on increasing importance

Rugged flash drive now five times faster with USB 3.0

Durable solution for people on the go who need to download and securely transfer confidential data, images or videos

Top three tips when choosing industrial grease

Industrial applications often fall foul to corrosion and friction. Effective grease can keep many of these issues at bay





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