Sick joins Industry 4.0 with its first IO-link encoder

System is designed for sensors on automated machinery

New encoders boast IP65 compliance

These feature a geared turns counter that is immune from electrical interference

New singleturn and multiturn encoders

These are designed for direct drive applications like robotics

New explosion-proof multi-turn encoder

This provides up to up to 16 bits of resolution for Zone 1 environments in the Oil & Gas industries

New single and multi-turn encoders

These are suited to robotics and packaging machinery designs

New scanner

Evaluation is by interpolation ICs using a Nonius calculation

Compact encoders for OEM designs

The E21C and E21D encoders are 5V, 2 and 3 channel optical encoders available in many different configurations

Heavy duty encoders

BEI’s new LP series encoders suit extreme environments for high reliability position and speed feedback

Robust, precise encoders for wind turbines

POSITAL encoders are well-equipped for measuring and positioning tasks in wind turbines

Non-incendive and non-sparking encoders for Division 2 and Zone 2

Mat Bagenski and Michelle Todd outline the benefits of encoders

Encoder now even more robust for extreme operating conditions

Absolute encoder for extreme operating conditions: the AMS 40-K (left) and the ASPAH 60-KK from Huebner Giessen




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