Stop lock retains position under vibration conditions

Heavy duty construction in stainless steel and zinc die makes them suitable for specialist situations

Torque amplifier collar doubles clamping force

More reliable clamping force is possible as it is less dependent on the strength of the operator

Three-lobe handwheel for frequently cleaned environments

Targets bottling plants, canning lines, filling and packaging, dispensing and tableting machines

Graduated ring control mechanism

Enable quick and accurate manual positioning of shafts, tools, optics, etc

New polyamide handles

Resistant to solvents, oils, greases and many other typical industrial chemicals

Tubular handle with high electrical insulation properties

Provides both high electrical resistivity and high resistance to mechanical wear and to chemical attack.

Non-contact magnetic measuring position indicator

Non-contact feature means that it is not subject to wear and tear and therefore does not require maintenance

Modular roller tracks

Applications include manufacturing situations between machining stations and storage locations providing stock mobility

Kit turns column level indicators electronic

Installation of the SLCK kit enables control of minimum and maximum level or operation of an alarm/light at the reference positions

Safety indexing plungers

Designed for applications in the machine tool and engineering industries for location of jigs and other equipment

Snap-in flush fit pull handles

Used extensively in many areas of industry and especially in machinery access panels on machine tools and related equipment

Magnetic solutions for long-lasting fixing

Suitable for location and temporary fixing of workpieces or panels or for sensor holding, eg on conveyors or other machinery

Enclosure solutions: locks, latches, hinges

Plastic, steel and stainless steel latches are available in quarter turn, T handle and swinghandle formats with variants incorporating recessed key, conventional key and safety key locking

Panel support clamp for protective panels

Clamp incorporates full component retention when open, plus rubber grip pads to ensure stable location without drilling of the panel

Hinge has built-in multiple safety switch

In the event of accidental opening of a control cabinet door, machine panel or safety door, it automatically shuts off the power and protects the operators of machinery

Reinforced polyamide detent position hinges

Elsa's CFV may be mounted with either countersunk head or hex head screws




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