Security of supply: meeting the operational challenge of maintaining

Power engineers are seeking to reconcile the seemingly contradictory demands of delivering increased performance with minimal investment, and yet still meet their emissions targets. John Goldring reports

The electrical grid of tomorrow will be flexible and self-healing

A smart electrical grid has the potential to play a key role in the effort to lower energy costs for consumers, achieve energy independence and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. How can all of this be realised and what can government do to ensure such a grid can be made a reality? Dr Richard Charnah explains

Advanced automation needed to achieve smart grid success

According a new report, a radical overhaul of policy and technology is needed for the USA to reap the benefits promised by the smart grid. Sean Ottewell reports

Robot tool changer handles heavier loads

Stäubli's MPS 630 automatic tool changing system is designed for use with end-of-arm tooling weighing up to 630kg

Photovoltaic process specification helps cut solar cell production costs

Photovoltaic component specification to help reduce solar cell manufacturing costs. John Baxter and Al Bousetta report

Modelling and testing renewable energy technologies

Jon Severn looks modelling, simulation and testing technologies used in the development of renewable energy systems

Holistic energy saving strategy unites production and the environment

A holistic and practical approach to satisfy today's energy saving requirements can deliver more than just cutting waste and improving efficiency for manufacturing industries

The global heat is on: preparing for a carbon-constrained world

No longer are we asking whether there should be limitations on emissions, but when and how. Measuring carbon emissions along the value chain is now vital as Dr Peter J Nieuwenhuizen reports

Hydrogen fuel cells: from automotive power to distributed generation

Fuel cell power systems, often primarily associated with the automotive sector, actually represent a practical, highly efficient and reduced carbon emissions power source for a wide range of applications and markets. Jon Moore reports

Specialist lighting solutions reap economic rewards for industry

Lighting is a significant energy user and, in an effort to green their activities further, many companies are now reaping economic rewards as they turn to innovative solutions. Nicola Martin explains

Multi-billion dollar investment spurs US transition to smart energy grid

A US$3.4b (EUR2.32b) investment in the US smart energy grid is expected to generate tens of thousands of jobs, save energy and empower all electricity users to cut their bills. Sean Ottewell reports.

Romanian cogeneration plant meets EU energy efficiency goals

A major investment programme in combined heat and power engines is helping a multinational soft drink manufacturer to meet efficiency goals set out by the European Union. Sean Ottewell reports

Take a top-down approach to simplify PSU selection

Stephen Dodson looks at the latest issues in selecting the right power supply

Get smart and cut energy costs with integrated motor controls

Ian Heathcock believes this is where the integration of smart motor controls (MCCs) into a process automation system can play a vital role in energy conservation strategy

Fault diagnostics in gas turbines

Condition monitoring of the gas path of gas turbines, whether it be in the airline, marine or stationary (electricity or mechanical drives) business, plays an important part in the plant operator's performance and profitability

Monitor energy usage from a mobile phone

Researchers have developed a system that enables people to monitor the energy consumed by household appliances and control them, all from a mobile telephone

Flowmeter for biomass fermentation

Biogas flow must be measured at several points in the system to provide operators with critical information for optimal gas production, control and reporting

Power producers invest for a mixed fuel future

South American power producers are investing heavily in new technology, both to enable them to swap quickly between different fossil fuels and to improve their hydropower performance

Automating functions at a Peruvian hydropower plant

Automation technology is playing a key part in a new US$25m project to double the capacity of an underground hydropower plant in a remote area of the Peruvian Andes. The result will be reliable electricity supplies for local people and businesses. Sean Ottewell reports

Electricity access still insufficient in developing countries

Lack of access to electricity results in health, environmental, and livelihood challenges, says Worldwatch Institute





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