Wireless microcontroller technology plays key role in energy efficiency

System helps reducing business’ heavy electricity consumption levels; it has allowed the management to do in depth analysis of electricity consumption throughout the day

Top-down approach to the simplification of PSU selection

Stephen Dodson looks at the latest issues in selecting the right power supply

Replacing PCs and SBCs with a low power embedded platform

Designing a PCB for an embedded module can give significant gains in system design, production and, particularly, running costs over a commercial PC board or single board computer, says Richard Bethell

Photovoltaic cells: will grid parity change everything?

Photovoltaic installations measured in terms of megawatts are expected to rise at a CAGR of 72.4 per cent from 2010 to 2013

Variable speed drives: the ecological payback

Study demonstrates how long drives of various sizes need to be used before they begin making a positive contribution to the environment

International standard supports the market for energy-efficient motors

International standard IEC 60034-30:2008 defines new energy efficiency classes for electric motors. Jon Severn looks at the standard's scope and limitations to find out whether it will really help equipment suppliers and end users

Submerged tidal turbine goes with the flow on green energy

Compact oil immersed hydraulic brake units are enabling renewable energy turbines to make the most of energy production from sub sea tidal flows

Motor efficiency software tool estimates payback

Baldor's BE$T (Baldor Energy Savings Tool) is a freely downloadable software utility that calculates the financial savings available from energy-efficient motors

Largest circulating fluidised bed boiler begins production

Lagisza power plant in Poland offers cost effective energy while reducing emissions

Electroactive polymer actuators feature microstructured surface

For more than 50 years the potential for electroactive polymers to be used as artificial muscles has been appreciated, but it is only now that commercialisation appears feasible. Alistair Rae reports on a new development in electroactive polymer actuators

Organic Rankine cycle technology boosts onsite power projects

A novel waste heat recovery process that couples a gas engine to traditional organic Rankine cycle technology is boosting efficiency at power generation sites. Sean Ottewell reports

Harmonic distortion - how to combat an increasing problem

Irregular power supplies influence the performance and operation of electrical equipment, so motors, frequency converters and transformers must be more highly rated to maintain proper operation. Gregers Geilager reports

Main automation suppliers focus on integration and flexibility

Integrating control and automation information, increasing network resilience and installation flexibility, and adding new functionality to Scada software are helping vendors to increase plant transparency. Sean Ottewell reports

How to manufacture cars and reduce environmental impact

Having made his name as a race car designer in the 1980s, Hugo Spowers left the industry because of concerns about its environmental impact. While studying for an MBA at Cranfield University, he examined the commercial feasibility of hydrogen cars

Landfill gas set to generate green income

Will create enough green electricity to power more than 1,000 homes, while cutting annual carbon emissions

Magnetic disk couplings cope with angular or parallel misalignment

New S50DCM... (inch) and S50DCMM... (metric) series magnetic disk couplings from Sterling Instrument transmit near-full torque even when misaligned

IEC launches portal for global standards for Smart Grid

A new web portal from the IEC is a 'one-stop access point' that provides a comprehensive catalogue of standards relating to Smart Grids

Printed batteries suit disposable applications

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute have developed a thin, lightweight battery that is manufactured using a silk-screen printing process

Stockpiling electrons: key to take-up of renewable energy?

Large-scale use of renewable energy may depend on the ability to store electricity. Manel Romeu Bellés reports

Motors help minimising impact of sulphur dioxide on environment

Cost saving and increased efficiency motors installed at power station are helping to reduce sulphur dioxide emissions





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