Low harmonic drives ease stress on the power supply

Gregers Geilager explains how low harmonic drives continuously regulate the network and load conditions without affecting the connected motor

Pumps for molten salts

Pumping of molten salts as a heat carrier for chemical reactors is a central application for The Rheinhütte Pumps Division of Friatec AG

Co-ordinated control ensures quality assured energy supply

Niclas Krantz describes different aspects on the process towards the goal of 'quality assured energy supply'

Actuators must withstand high humidity, salt, wind and rain

Wind power now accounts for 20 per cent of Denmark's electricity needs. Donna Guinivan visits AVN's plant, Silkeborg, Denmark, to get the full story on this and the future of wind power in general

Revamps of power projects are now key to automation contracts

Although some greenfield power projects are still proceeding, revamps are dominating the project scene in 2009, especially migrations from old technology and the installation of self-organising wireless networks

Lubricating the wheels of innovation to reduce friction

Drake Calvin takes a look at some up and coming innovations in friction reduction

Initiative boosts anaerobic digestion expansion plans

A UK government-backed initiative has been launched to promote greater use of anaerobic digestion in the production of green energy

Major scale actuation adopted at Indian coal plant

Thermal power plant under development in Sipat is India's first project to operate on super-critical boilers that burn less fuel than conventional boilers

CFB offers potential solution to carbon emissions problem

Robert Giglio and Justin Wehrenberg investigate circulating fluidised bed technology as a potential solution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Optimising electricity supply to boost efficiency and reliability

Macao's sole electricity generator is investing heavily in the latest transformer segregation alarm and outage management systems as it strives to improve supply reliability

Overspraying can reduce energy consumption by 30 per cent

Painting is one of the most energy intensive stages of the car manufacturing process. New technology has cut this by 30 per cent, along with demands for both process air and water. Sean Ottewell reports

Magnetism is involved in the mechanism behind high temperature superconductivity

Scientists from Queen Mary, University of London and the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) have found evidence that magnetism is involved in the mechanism behind high temperature superconductivity.

Better power transmission helps stabilises manufacturing process

Many companies, from steel manufacturers to refiners, are turning to advanced power transmission solutions in order to stabilise their processes

Record-breaking wind-powered car gives a glimpse of the future

Just as the Formula 1 technologies of today filter down into the production cars of tomorrow, so Richard Jenkins, the designer of the wind-powered Greenbird, believes the technologies behind his record-breaking vehicle could herald a new era of environmentally-friendly transportation

Gas meters provide smart two-way communication of accurate data

Smart metering systems, which combine smart gas, electricity meters and visual display units into one metering system, have been installed in more than 18 000 UK homes.

Air conditioning features thermal wheels

They will recover up to 90 per cent (typically 75 to 85 per cent) of the energy in the extract air

High-speed electric motor offers high energy-efficiency

A new EC 25 high-speed motor from Maxon Motor runs at over 60,000 rpm, plus it offers an efficiency of 93 per cent and very smooth operation

Energy-efficient motors: new standard supports market

International standard IEC 60034-30:2008 defines new energy efficiency classes for electric motors. Jon Severn looks at the standard's scope and limitations to find out whether it will really help equipment suppliers and end users

Recycling drilling process by-products

Fossil fuel prices may still be low but, as Sean Ottewell reports, demand remains strong for solutions that deal safely and economically with the by-products of oil and gas production

Chinese projects focus on the economics of heat recovery

Despite the worldwide global down turn, industrial investment is still growing in China. Among the beneficiaries of this are companies that supply heat recovery systems





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