Learn how to build an enclosure

Keeping electronics safe requires careful thought and planning

New outdoor electronics enclosures

Options include cooling fans, power sources and heaters

New lids for electronics enclosures

These are IP66 rated and come in 23 different sizes

Protecting electrical enclosures in hotter climates

It is important for plant managers to consider the temperature of their electrical enclosures when the temperature begins to increase outside. Jonathan Wilkins explains how plant managers can inspect their equipment and enclosures

Ensuring effective protection against electrical surges

Chris Lloyd looks at the causes of electrical surges and the importance of protective measures

Electrical enclosures: when the heat is on …

Without proper consideration heat can easily build up inside electrical enclosures, triggering damage to the electrical and electronic components within. Chris Lloyd offers a common-sense overview of the main concerns and their resolution

Electrical enclosures: a unique specification

Chris Lloyd reveals why customisation is a useful tool when it comes to electrical enclosures

Stealth enclosures for covert operations

Stealth technology is designed to prevent sonar and radar detection systems from identifying an object

Bi-directional low pressure valves

Firetrace has just launched a new range of patented valves as part of its fire extinguishing systems that attack fires at source

Freedom of component choice creates successful designs

Electrical enclosures should not be an afterthought, but carefully selected from a wide range of options. Mark Severn reports




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