Chinese factory hosts opening ceremony

EV production scheduled to start in May after US$680 million investment

Survey finds more potential customers open to EVs

Range anxiety a diminishing fear as 300 miles per charge now the threshold

Fluoride-ion battery research advances

Collaboration sees greater thermal stability

Reversible EV conversion for classics

New ‘cassette’ system uses original engine and gearbox mountings

Electric concept brings deliveries up to date

New ID Buzz Cargo could be launched as early as 2022

The future of electrifying airplanes and boats

Can high performance superconductors be the key to success?

Ambitious all-electric hypercar prototype revealed

This is set to feature solid state power and custom cabling for complete vehicle integration

Partnership to deliver electric bus to Argentina

Ambitious project specification sees 70-seater bus go all day on single charge

Prototype SUV uses multi-layered regeneration

Each kilometre downhill brings around an additional kilometre in range, as demonstrated at Pikes Peak

EV faster than a Formula 1 car

VW's electric Pikes Peak challenger set to use a new rapid charge system

Rethinking electric vehicle component design

New whitepaper explores the challenges of EV adoption, considering component design, charging infrastructure and batteries

New low voltage welding torch

This is designed for electric vehicle battery pack applications

New electric cab

This six-seat vehicle is designed for Scandinavian winters

New scalable platform for EVs

This collection of units are aimed at electric vehicle OEMs

Volvo Trucks To Sell Electric Vehicles In Europe

Volvo Trucks has set out a vision for urban deliveries of the future

Electric Load-Haul-Dump Truck Proves Viable

This proof of concept Load-Haul-Dump (LHD) machine is going to work in a Canadian mine

The VW van of the future

Volkswagen is mulling an electric, AI-assisted vehicle with the batteries in the floor

Electric bus first for Louisiana

The five new vehicles are predicted to return 22 MPGe as opposed to the current 3.86 average

Meet a future supercar, with supercapacitors

Lamborghini's collaboration with two Massachusetts Institute of Technology laboratories has spawned the Terzo Millennio project

Weight-reduced oil hoses for tempering batteries

ContiTech develops new solutions for efficient electromobility





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