Six steps to better electric motor efficiency

Jeson Pitt from D & F Liquidators explains how to make your motor last

WEG creates a new series of slip-ring motors

These are specifically for the mining and cement industries

Modern motor replaces imperial-spec units

Shaft, keyway and mounting holes had to be replicated

New power device for 3-phase brushless motors

These are intended for automotive uses such as fan motors, power steering and electric turbochargers

New ATEX-certified geared motors

These are more compact than the previous range

Updated electric motor housings

These flanged units are now available with condition monitoring and lubrication systems

Industry is wasting a potential 44TWh each year

Power quality firm proposes energy savings in whitepaper

Electric Motors Incorporated Into Industry 4.0

The latest development allows maximum torque values to be set and optimises efficiency under partial load conditions

Choosing the right bearings

Chris Johnson weighs up the difference between full ceramic bearings and hybrid bearings

Preventing stray current build-up in electric motors

Jerry Hodek looks at the details of this often overlooked phenomenon and reveals his company’s simple solution

Bearing rotates quickly, wears slowly

Tested against sintered bearings and found even more cost-effective

From local to cloud-based condition monitoring

Condition monitoring no longer needs to be restricted to highly skilled, experienced engineers. With the advent of cloud-based CM systems, users can now share data with experts via the cloud, enabling improved fault diagnosis, faster reaction times and reduced machine downtime, says Dr Steve Lacey

Common causes of electric motor failure

Motor failure can cause downtime, an inconvenience for all manufacturers. Martin McGuffie explains three common causes of electric motor failure: weakened insulation, contamination and lack of maintenance

New adhesive for e-motors

DELO's new two-component adhesive is suitable for electric motors with a medium temperature range and provides flexibility and reliability in their assembly

Free online rolling bearing calculation software for electric motors and generators

Enables users to quickly and easily select suitable rolling bearings

Maximising production efficiencies in food and beverage processing plants

By selecting, maintaining and monitoring critical components processing companies can improve their plant efficiencies, eliminate production downtime and increase the operating life and reliability of plant equipment, says Dr Steve Lacey

IE4 savings for hazardous chemical process

Improving the energy efficiency ratings of electric motors is a worldwide goal, but exemptions in the regulations mean that for applications in potentially explosive atmospheres there is no obligation to implement the latest technology

Energy savings for pharmaceutical production

Production processes that run 24/7 need reliable and energy efficient drive systems to maintain a cost effective process. Philip Crowe reports

Soft starters and contactors

Soft starters are an economical means to ensure smooth start-up and stopping of electric motors





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