Vortex pump featuring an open, recessed impeller

Warman WRR pump uses a vortex to move slurry through the unit, created by an impeller which sits outside of the main flow path

The challenge of water scarcity

As population growth and climate change place increasing pressure on the amount of fresh water available. How, asks Steve Mines, is water scarcity impacting manufacturers and what can be done to preserve this most precious of natural resources?

Maximising production efficiencies in food and beverage processing plants

By selecting, maintaining and monitoring critical components processing companies can improve their plant efficiencies, eliminate production downtime and increase the operating life and reliability of plant equipment, says Dr Steve Lacey

Fact or fabrication: Busting the myths surrounding robotics

Paul Wilkinson addresses the most common preconceptions about the use of robot systems in the food and drink industry and tackles some of the most persistent myths head-on

Square profile linear guide with adjustable clearance

Provides convenient space for services such as compressed air, cables and fluids, and is suitable for use in confined spaces

Bulk solids handling

Most manufacturing plants need some method of transporting bulk materials around site, or transporting to the customer

Engineering survey reveals scale of UK gender pay gap

Women are achieving median salaries around 28 per cent less than men (£43,000 versus £60,000) over the course of their careers

Foaming bottled beer prank explained

Researchers solved the problem using a high energy laser to create a bubble at the bottom of a newly-opened bottle and high-speed camera

Counter module adds flexible counting capability

Designed for applications within the packaging, drive engineering, process, food and drink, mechanical engineering and other industries

Dry vacuum pumps boost coffee production

One of the largest freeze dried coffee production facilities in the world installs robust GXS dry pumps on their harsh industrial application

Safety interlocks receives TÜV SÜD Safety Approval

Trapped key interlocking is a suitable method of safeguarding machinery or potentially dangerous areas




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