High performance display for harsh environment

Designed to function in industrial process control, marine instrumentation, aerospace, in-vehicle displays and medical equipment

Universally usable operating and display unit for mobile electronics

Bosch Rexroth’s BODAS Display DI4 unit suitable for a variety of mobile machines

Transparent conductive films market will reach US$1.2bn in 2025

Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh predicts shakeout then leadership in the $430 million indium tin oxide replacement market

High brightness TFTs target outdoor environments

Display readability maintained in high levels of ambient light, says LCD manufacturer KOE

42-inch multi-touch display with full HD resolution

Allowing up to 10 touch points at one time, these displays integrate Planar Scatter Detection (PSD) technology that works with gloved hands

Display provides consistent images from all viewing angles

For use in high reliability industrial, medical, marine, automotive and aerospace applications

EMI shield windows for TFT and other displays

Standard products offer a 35db cut in noise emissions with 85 per cent light transmission

Display provides wider viewing angles and maintain colour accuracy

Typical applications range from medical, instrumentation, industrial and in-vehicle

Ginsbury introduces value line TFTs from Kyocera

UK specialist display distributor Ginsbury has introduced 10 new TFT LCD modules from Kyocera. Nick Flaherty checks them out

Researchers develop a display that provides 3D information by moving around

Display components, as Nick Flaherty discovers, can tilt along one or more axes and move vertically up and down

TFT LCD display modules with high brightness

KOE launches new range of TFT displays which have long life LED backlights and high contrast ratios to provide strong optical performance

Dotmatrix displays are dead - long live the dotmatrix display

High-contrast, alphanumeric LCD supertwist display for four rows of text at 20 characters per row

The machine builder’s HMI

Mitsubishi Electric's GT14 is a 5.7-in HMI available in both monochrome and colour versions providing a screen resolution of 320x240 pixels

Trends, tips and the effect of legislation

Premier Farnell also launches Raspberry Pi, a low-cost single board computer

Innovations illuminate the global organic light-emitting diode market

Self-emissive features give organic light-emitting diodes a significant competitive edge over other displays




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