Is the defence industry the most demanding for motors?

Small motors in bomb disposal machines and breathing apparatus are life savers

New waveguide phase shifters for K to W bands

Waveguide phase shifters operate in frequency range of 18GHz to 110GHz over seven bands

Cybersecurity: learn the lessons

In order to better protect industrial control systems from cyber attacks, companies should take heed from the wise words of successful military tacticians

Battery fuel-gauging: clarity when it counts

Michele Windsor explains how inaccurate fuel gauging poses a big problem for portable military devices, where the repercussions are more severe than an inability to read e-mails on the go

The tendering process in the UK’s Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence is the single largest customer of UK industry? Each year, it spends approximately £19 billion to procure the highest quality equipment and vehicles. David Reeves explains the tendering process

Highly specified I/O rich KINO-AQ170 SBC

Suitable for graphics rich and computing-intensive environments such as medical, defence, signage, transportation and industrial automation

Robot dispensing systems

System options that can be fully customised for use in the automotive, electronics and solar cells, information technology and multimedia, medical, aerospace, and defence industries

RF transistors and pallets

Meet the specific needs of the aerospace and defence industry for size, weight, power

No need for lead acid

Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology enhances life and performance

Foam-core cable

New ultra-low-loss coaxial microwave cable provides customised and off-the-shelf options

7½-digitdigital multimeter

Tackles challenging applications that require smarter test systems in industries ranging from consumer electronics to aerospace and defence

Why is high dielectric strength now a key driver in power tube specification?

As multi-sector technological developments continue to demand smaller parts with higher performance and improved longevity, Joerg-Uwe Wichert, explores why specifying power tubes with an increased dielectric strength is becoming increasingly important in high-voltage applications, particularly at high temperatures

New range of axial piston pumps

Oilgear manufacturing investment leads to expansion of variable displacement pump range

Multiple new measurement tools now available with PULSE 20

Measurement tool for industries ranging from aerospace and defence to industrial and automotive

Subracks for high shock and vibration requirements

Feature self-locking fixing screws, special rounded corners and edges and an additional top cover, locking for access protection

Security for data-at-rest

Microsemi introduces XMC Form Factor SATA SSD for industrial and defence applications requiring the highest levels of security and reliability

Rugged nanonics connectors

Designed to meet the rugged needs for applications within aerospace and defence, test and measurement, marine, and commercial aircraft

Analyse broadband and pulsed signals up to 85GHz

Simplifies complex measurement tasks in the fields of automotive radar, 5G and other wireless communications standards or aerospace and defence





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