New resistor for smaller electric vehicles

This 10 kilowatt device uses water instead of air to cool itself

When obsolete and unavailable resistors die

How replacing resistors from defunct manufacturers is not the hassle it used to be

Redesigning resistors

Damiano Natali explains how computational fluid dynamics is enabling design engineers to rethink the resistor

The role of women in engineering

Women in Engineering day celebrates the achievements of female engineers each year on 23rd June 23rd. Presently, only 9% of engineering professionals are women. Helen Marston reports

Resistor liquid cooling boosts 3.3kV medium voltage loads

David Atkins explains where the need for water cooling is paramount in slashing resistor footprint in industrial and marine applications

Resistors to keep the UK rolling

Specialist resistor manufacturer, Cressall provides service and site support to three of the country's biggest rail applications

Water cooling multiplies brake resistor power density

Electric vehicle braking resistor is also suitable for industrial applications, says Martin Nicholls

Reliable resistor supply

Martin Nicholls discusses why replacement resistors are still needed for legacy systems

Research and development - industry’s road to success

Andrew Keith discusses the role of research and development in the manufacturing industry

Power resistor: all tests are go

R&D expansion improves testing efficiency for resistor manufacturer

The power to test

Examining the importance of load bank testing in manufacturing facilities

Software engineering makes resistor earthquake-proof

Martin Nicholls explains how finite element analysis (FEA) helped ensure that the construction would withstand the most tempestuous elements




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