How to deliver the world’s largest crane

Collett took the Sarens SGC-250 to the Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Plant site in Somerset, England

Resistor liquid cooling boosts 3.3kV medium voltage loads

David Atkins explains where the need for water cooling is paramount in slashing resistor footprint in industrial and marine applications

Think outside the box for cranes and hoists

Panel builders and system integrators should think both laterally and vertically when tackling vertical lift applications. Tony Young explains the complexities

Crane saving valuable rig time and increasing safety

SmartCrane can be retrofitted to existing cantilever jack-up rigs instantly increasing efficiency

Push and pull force monitoring unit

Offers increased reliability and safety for crane applications and long travel lengths

Position sensors with 10m range

Variohm EuroSensor adds new Celesco SK series cable extension sensors

Safety PLC speeds and simplifies safety engineering for complex control projects

Special features simplify complex motion-related applications including wind power, cranes, hoists and robotics

Multi-purpose crane with a dead weight of about 1,100t

Suitable for both heavy lift cargo handling in ports and floating solutions for typical offshore applications

Versatile crane in a compact design

The CXT crane features an especially compact and robust design — equipped with extremely low headroom and small-end approaches

Crane specific motor series

The Marathon KS series of slip ring motors from Regal is rated for crane duties and based on a cast iron/fabricated body, integral feet design

A new series of large digit display indicators

LCM Systems has launched a new range of Large Digit Display indicators for use in crane, lifting and hoisting applications

Enhanced breaking strength for crane rope

Teufelberger has now relaunched its Evolution TK16 high performance rope. The key factor of this rope upgrade, is its increased breaking strength with up to plus 7 per cent




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