High performance motors for silent operations

MAC QTW motors are liquid-cooled, meaning they have higher efficiency compared with air-cooled motors

Increased efficiency for uninterruptable power supply

When the mains power supply is down, the boost converter is activated and sets voltage value from batteries

The road to energy efficiency starts here

Improving the energy efficiency of industrial applications is a major concern for most manufacturers. Tony Young discusses the benefits of regenerative braking and how this technology can be used to improve the efficiency of industrial applications.

Don’t let harmonics get you down

John Mitchell shares his top tips for companies that want to commission or replace harmonic filters

Common causes of electric motor failure

Motor failure can cause downtime, an inconvenience for all manufacturers. Martin McGuffie explains three common causes of electric motor failure: weakened insulation, contamination and lack of maintenance

The brake chopper size conundrum

John Mitchell looks at the dangers of manufacturers taking their insulated-gate bipolar transistor for granted

Benefits of universal peripherals

John Mitchell discusses the benefits of using a universal brake chopper that works with any inverter

Resistor choppers slow overspeeding fans

Usually, fans do not need a braking resistor and chopper. However, when operating in a closed system, fans are at risk of over-speeding, causing the DC voltage on their motor drives to rise. John Mitchell reports

EMC filters for solar applications

CP Automation now distributes and fits Roxburgh EMC’s high performance three-phase filter range

Think outside the box for cranes and hoists

Panel builders and system integrators should think both laterally and vertically when tackling vertical lift applications. Tony Young explains the complexities

Worm gearboxes produce high torque at low cost

Tony Young explains the benefits of worm gearboxes in an industrial context, including their cost, portability and precision

Why e-commerce is now a must have in automation and control engineering

Tony Young discusses the changing attitude towards purchasing industrial components online

Lean manufacturing: the balance of costs versus productivity

In industry, an increased need for budget cuts can put even the best manufacturing efficiency plans under pressure. European manufacturers are estimated to spend over €400 billion every year on maintenance. With this figure in mind, could it be possible to decrease expenditure while improving efficiency? John Mitchell reports

Top tips for mitigating harmful harmonics

The rise of non-linear loads in industrial environments over the last two decades has resulted in the growing problem of harmonic currents and utility-level voltage distortion. Facing a lack of awareness, the industry has struggled to implement effective mitigation techniques. John Mitchell discusses offers useful tips for mitigating harmonics

Partnership promotes motor customisation

Supply and repair specialist, CP Automation has partnered with motor manufacturer, VASCAT to challenge the way companies commission industrial motors

Don't let harmonics get you down

John Mitchell shares his top tips for companies that want to commission or replace harmonic filters

Beyond the inverter: making motors run efficiently

Tony Young presents his top five tips for ensuring that the motors on your application run as efficiently as possible

To repair or to replace

Tony Young explains the key points to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace a servo motor




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