A clear vision: the benefits of interconnectivity in the workplace

Adrian Kimberley explains just what makes a workplace smart, and more importantly, the reasons for implementing this interconnectivity in the first place

Recharging the energy industry: managing demand and constraint

Martyn Williams and Mark Hardy reveal how new technologies, such as smart grids, big data and business intelligence, enable a more efficient use of resources in the industry

Reining in on industrial automation

Johannes Petrowisch discusses the benefits of cloud computing for the manufacturing industry

Smart factory software

Suitable for manufacturing companies such as food and beverages manufacturers or pharmaceutical companies but it is also suited to power supply companies

Steps to the smart grid

Adrian Kimberley discusses the changing methods of energy generation and the infrastructure investments required to successfully implement these technologies

Predictions for the future of manufacturing

The introduction of new technologies is changing the way the manufacturing industry operates. Martyn Williams examines three of the most prominent automation trends for 2017: machine learning, modularisation and advanced SCADA

Step-by-step to the smart factory

Only open, standardised interfaces and programming standards can enable sustainable development

Rewriting the rules of IT and OT

Martyn Williams explains the changing responsibilities of IT and operational technology

Automated hydraulics for machine builder

Case study examines the highly regulated nature of the aerospace industry and the importance of flexible and secure data handling for the sector

Software for smarter grids

Substation automation and substation HMI demonstrated at CIGRE Session in Paris in August

Engineering: it’s not just for the boys

To celebrate National Women in Engineering Day on June 23rd, 2016, here is a collation of impressive software engineering feats, all achieved by female engineers

Three steps to automated engineering

Martyn Williams explains how manufacturers can take steps towards fully automated engineering

Unlocking the value of cross-facility data sets

Martyn Williams examines what companies should expect during their cloud migration

Are your machines ready for the future?

Reducing downtime is a huge priority across all industry sectors and the opportunity to anticipate and avoid it is priceless. The rise of the Internet of Things is allowing machine builders to design intelligent machines with predictive analytics capabilities. Martyn Williams reports

Beyond smoke and mirrors: Three things you did not know about IIoT

Martyn Williams discusses the three things you might not know about Industrial Internet of Things

Energy deadline: here’s what to do

ESOS is a compulsory energy efficiency assessment audit. The deadline for the first phase was 5th December 2015

How to make the most of ESOS and EAS

To prepare companies for ESOS and EAS energy audits, industrial software expert COPA-DATA has launched two online platforms advising large enterprises in the UK and Ireland to act upon their findings to reduce energy consuption and bills

A look into the future of HMIs

Joint project established after a trend study identified and examined the most important areas to consider for successful human machine interaction in manufacturing

Identify and achieve potential energy savings

COPA-DATA brings zenon Energy Data Management System to the market

Enhanced evaluation of data

zenon Analyzer supports production engineers in identifying potential for improvement, minimising downtime and reducing energy consumption





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