New precision nanopositioning controllers

These are designed for hard disk drive testing and metrology

Block concept shortens assembly times

Ruppel Hydraulik developed a control block with more than 50 valves for the control console of an item of construction machinery

More features for Aprol process control system

B and R is making a number of changes to its Aprol process control system to improve usability and add innovative new features

Exploring benefits of quasi-resonant converters for power supply systems

Jon Harper looks at how equipment makers can bring the efficiency advantages and lower EMI of quasi-resonant power conversion to lower power systems.

Co-ordinate control of multiple offshore platforms

Honeywell’s central control room improves operations at Wintershall’s multiple offshore gas and oil platforms

Easy way to connect strain gauges

New from Jetter is the JX3-DMS2 strainometer module that connects strain gauges to Jetcontrol-3xx controllers or a JX3 bus head

NTC thermistors: versatile and durable

Electronic Sensors are critical components for industrial control applications. The operation of industrial processes depends on the interaction of sensors and actuators with electronic controllers. Electronic sensors are also important in modern domestic situation

Pump sensors and controller deployed to power car plant HVAC

During the design phase of a new automobile factory in Shanghai, ITT Industries' Bell & Gossett unit was called in to resolve HVAC system problems. The result is an advanced and efficient set of pumps sensors and controller that power the HVAC system for the large industrial facility

Major tidal turbine contract

The Neptune demonstration design is on schedule for delivery in 2010 at the UK tidal test centre located in Orkney, as a precursor to commercial deployment

Submersible hydrostatic level transmitters

Applications include any type of level or depth measurement task, including water tanks, process lines, aggressive media tanks, sewage treatment, landfills, tank farms, water treatment plants

Servo controller with a Powerlink interface

Suitable for universal operation with servo, asynchronous and special motors, the drive controllers are available for 1/3 phase supply voltages from 200 to 240 V AC at 50/60Hz

System enables monitoring and control at multiple platforms

Global producer of oil and gas Wintershall has invested in a new control and safety solution to co-ordinate control of multiple offshore platforms in the North Sea

Flow instruments can be equipped with explosion-proof housings

Trimec-Europe is offering customers the option of surface-mount, pipe-mount or rack-mount explosion-proof housings for its flow meters

PWM motor controls in standard and customised configurations

LCR is introducing two new digital PWM motor controls for battery-powered and AC applications, with numerous options including full customisation

Microcontroller integrates control law accelerator

Texas Instruments has added a programmable accelerator for control law algorithms to its low power Piccolo microcontrollers to improve performance

Securing integrated Scada systems against cyber attacks

Failure to protect a plant's Scada system from the threat of cyber attack can have big security implications. Paul Hurst discusses the protection options

Revamps of power projects are now key to automation contracts

Although some greenfield power projects are still proceeding, revamps are dominating the project scene in 2009, especially migrations from old technology and the installation of self-organising wireless networks

Improving pH control and compliance in water effluents

One of the world's leading coin and blank manufacturers has invested in advanced pH control technology in order to meet tough environmental standards and improve efficiency. Garry Tabor, Andy Dargue, and Graham Hartry explain

System migration: make sure you improve control, not just replicate

Ian Heathcock looks at the market drivers that are forcing businesses to confront system migration as a reality; what companies need to consider before making the leap and highlights some of the key principles to ensuring a smooth control system migration

Plant studies support use of wireless in capital projects

Sean Ottewell reports on two new studies which have recommended that wireless infrastructure should be a key component in all new process projects





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