How To Clean Hoses

Detailed resistance lists on cleaning materials, service lives and temperatures ensure that the hoses are not damaged by this. Stephan Renz reports

Customised hose solutions for the food industry

High-performance hose solutions that have no negative effects on foodstuffs

Testing the limits of hoses

Markus Linzmaier introduces some extremely tough lines for active chassis control

Safety when transporting strong spirits

Cengiz Citlak reports on a beverage hose whichmeets the stringent requirements of food and hygiene legislation and can also safely discharge static electricity

High-performance hoses for modern rail transport

Hygienically pure, highly flexible and robust potable water hose for the transport of drinking water both nationally and internationally

Flexible transport connections

Cengiz Citlak explores how, as a multi-functional component, hoses play an essential role in machine and plant engineering

Weight-reduced oil hoses for tempering batteries

ContiTech develops new solutions for efficient electromobility

Intelligent solutions for lightweight vehicles

Antje Lewe discusses how modern materials benefit automotive design in a variety of ways

Lift drive with timing belt for the rack feeders of the future

Natural rubber from dandelion roots for mounting elements protects the environment

Measuring emissions in automotive interiors

Automotive expert offers optimal support for Asian customers wanting to measure interior emissions. By Dr Roland Freudenmann

Eco-advanced vehicle interiors

Antje Lewe reveals why a new surface material represents a real alternative to leather

Belts for vehicles now even more environmentally-friendly

Rubber specialist has developed a new production process, in which the textile flocking is ironed onto the V-ribbed belt Unipower Tough Grip

Printing conductor paths

Electric conductor paths can be printed cost-effectively, says ContiTech

New surface coatings protect bearing elements against corrosion

Durable solutions are achieved by using an optimised electroplated coating

Conveyor protects the environment during fish feed transport

SICON protects transported material while also preventing environmental damage




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