Making money with mobile workforce management

If your projects typically yield one million or more in hard-dollar benefits and have a 3-6 month payback, then life is good. But if you would like to experience such gains regularly, then you might consider implementing in-the-field decision-support systems. Charles D Mohrmann explains

GPS solution for asset and vehicle tracking

Alpha Micro Components'Taoglas AP.35a is a GPS solution designed for 'compromised' environments where tracking devices are placed

i-Pad and smartphones to overtake PCs for web access

Working on the go is fast becoming the norm rather than the exception

Cables and connectors for in-vehicle Ethernet communications

Harting says its combination of Ha-Vis 4000 Ethernet switches and Ha-Vis Etherrail data cables enables it to offer everything required for in-vehicle interconnectivity

Novel communications technology passes data though steel hulls

BAE Systems has developed a through-hull data link system that enables data to be transferred through a submarine's steel hull with no need to drill holes

Satellite connectivity for rig

Marlink provides Sealink to Atlantic Oilfield Services oil and gas support unit

Communications support rapid decision making in remote locations

Communications systems often have to operate in remote, dangerous situations, but the latest solutions not only improve processing, but also speed up response to natural or medical emergencies. Sean Ottewell reports

Fixed-mobile data-traffic relief

Kontron updates 10G and 40G ATCA platforms for TEMs to build the 4G LTE EPC, IPTV and GPON infrastructure of 2012

Napatech announces NEBS compliant adapters

Hardware design changes ensure that only passive cooling is provided without moving parts

Australia mining company chooses new communication system

Sepura terminals were selected because of their robustness and versatility

Wireless technologies reduce costs and cut operational risk

Wireless subsea cameras, a smart wireless network linking wells, rigs and drilling units, and an ultrasonic scanner on flexible risers are among the latest wireless innovations on offer. Sean Ottewell reports

Analysis platform for FlexRay devices and systems

Allows sending of FlexRay messages for stimulation or configuration of bus nodes using pre-defined transmission lists

Digital and wireless solutions dominate market

Digital and wireless monitoring solutions are dominating today's oil and gas industry, driven by rapid advances in speed and durability. Sean Ottewell reports





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