Power grid: modelling and simulation key to security, reliability and efficiency

A new US report concludes that detailed simulations of how electric power is supplied and transferred around the country will bolster grid security, reliability, efficiency and resilience. Sean Ottewell reports

Battle heats up for USB3.0 chips in new markets

Both NEC and Texas Instruments have announced controllers for the 5Gbit/s USB3.0 standard, with devices starting to ship this month

Wireless microcontroller technology plays key role in energy efficiency

System helps reducing business’ heavy electricity consumption levels; it has allowed the management to do in depth analysis of electricity consumption throughout the day

Power amplifier extends talk time

Avago Technologies expands family of fifth generation CoolPAM power amplifiers for mobile handsets

CompactPCI processor board with enhanced storage

New from Kontron is the CP307-RS CompactPCI processor board with enhanced Serial ATA capabilities for improved storage, faster transmission and data safety

Synchronised drives help give a train a lift during maintenance

Katie Williams reports on one of most powerful lifting systems in the world which has been has been installed at a train maintenance plant

Spherical roller bearings offer a high load

Spherical roller bearings double the service life and increase operating speed envelope by 20 per cent compared with competitor bearings

Modular five-pole power connector is extremely compact

Harting's new Han Pushpull Power five-pole power connector is compact, sealed to IP65/67 and available with a choice of metal or plastic housings

All-gigabit switch and media converter is low-cost

Amplicon is launching an entry-level, all-gigabit, four-port switch and media converter for use with high-bandwidth devices operating in harsh environments

Smart Wireless field starter kit gains additional input devices

Emerson Process Management's Smart Wireless field starter kit now includes options for discrete switches, vibration and pH transmitters

Computer data bus connector is more robust

A new MBF (Micro Bus Floating) connector from ITT is guaranteed for up to 1000 mating cycles - which is in contrast to others that are single-use components

Current sensor IC incorporates isolation

New from Allegro Microsystems Europe is the economically priced yet precise ACS710 current sensor IC that features 120kHz bandwidth and high-voltage isolation

The electrical grid of tomorrow will be flexible and self-healing

A smart electrical grid has the potential to play a key role in the effort to lower energy costs for consumers, achieve energy independence and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. How can all of this be realised and what can government do to ensure such a grid can be made a reality? Dr Richard Charnah explains

DC drives now rated at up to 2250A, 980kW or 1320HP

Sprint Electric's digital DC drives are now available with higher power ratings to suit a wider range of heavy-duty industrial applications

AC drives with Profinet interface

A new module from Parker Hannifin enables customers to connect AC890 inverter drives to Profinet and other Ethernet-based industrial fieldbuses

Accuracy diagnostics of liquid ultrasonic flow meters

The transit time principle of measurement has opened the window to allow the observation and measurement of aspects of the flow stream that have never been visible to traditional measurement technologies

Maintain radio communications in remote environments

Ian Carr explains why reliable radio communications are essential in the remote operating environments of the oil and gas sector

Accelerating 3D seismic data analysis on desktop workstations

A new range of graphical processors can bring server cluster performance onto the desktop for under $10000. Keith Forward reports

Loop-powered ultrasonic transmitter is easy to use

Magnetrol International's Echotel 355 loop-powered ultrasonic transmitter measures liquid level, volume and open channel flow with 'unsurpassed' ease of operation

Code-reader is configured via web server

A new 1D/2D code reader from Siemens features a web server so that no separate configuration software is required, just a web browser





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