Microchip adds Bluetooth Module for streaming audio

Simple to use on-board stack and profiles; expands wireless portfolio with support for streaming music and voice; exceedingly low power and compact surface-mount module

Open comms plug-and-play integration

Anybus CompactCom concept provides device manufacturers with full solution flexibility for all major fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet applications

In-flight mobile and WiFi services

Latest communications and entertainment systems on new aircraft in 2014

Advanced monitoring software for wireless instrumentation data

New data logging software offers up to 100 channels of instrumentation data with many advanced features

Benefits of wireless reach a wider audience

The importance of wireless communication continues to grow as its health, safety and cost benefits gain wider appreciation, Sean Ottewell reports

Streamlining communications systems

Erik Dellinger describes how one oil and gas company revamped its entire communication structure to achieve improved performance

Network connector unites an RJ45 jack, two USB-A receptacles, a filter and two LEDs

Solution for those who develop telecommunications and networking products for use in industrial and data processing technology

Roughing strategy 'pushing the boundaries of traditional milling'

Delivers shorter cycle times, greater tool life, better surface finish and are kinder to machine tools

32V model added to front end power supplies range

HFE1600-32 is equally well-suited for use in applications including communications, laser and process control

The importance of reliable communications

Petrol station forecourts must adapt to compete – particularly in terms of network communications to improve business efficiency. Nick George reports

Wireless automotive products: standing the test

Radio products and short range devices must adhere to country-specific regulatory requirements

Benefits of wireless technology secure investment

The use of wireless technology continues to grow as its benefits in terms of energy saving, cost-effectiveness and reliability become more widely appreciated. Sean Ottewell investigates

Wireless data collector enables remote monitoring

T24-RDC is a remote data acquisition system that has been developed to utilise the existing GPRS network

ROV in hunt for unexploded munitions in the Baltic Sea

Alasdair Murrie looks at how an ROV is being deployed to find munitions dumped in the Baltic Sea near a pipeline

Reduce plant downtime and improve machine availability

Schaeffler showcases products and services for the inspection and maintenance of plant and machinery, including torque measurement products and oil analysis services

More communications options for industrial drives

Parker Hannifin's AC890 modular systems drive and AC890PX high-power modular drive can now be equipped with Ethernet/IP and Modbus/TCP cards

Mini circular connectors are sealed to IP68

New MIKQ IP68 series connectors from ITT Interconnect Solutions are sealed to IP68 and can withstand high pressures

Battling for high definition wireless to run multiple television channels

Groups around the world are squaring up to provide gigabit data over wireless links in the home. Nick Flaherty reports

Aluminium connector targets motorsport and military systems

Serge Buechli looks at a new high-strength aluminium connector due later this year

Femtocells and picocells target small enterprise for indoor mobile coverage

Mark Keenan looks at the potential impact of femtocells and picocells technology on the small-to-medium enterprise





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