Surface-mount GNSS global positioning module

9.6 x 14.0 x 1.95mm CAM-M8C module features -167dBm sensitivity, built-in antenna for ease of integration, and low power consumption

High-reliability electromechanical relay switches

Suit applications in defence and commercial aviation, semiconductor manufacturing, communications, radar, SATCOM, test instrumentation, medical devices

M2M communications brings sophistication to the water industry

The ‘Internet of Things’ is coming to the water industry, delivering new levels of data that will enable water companies to control remote assets with increased sophistication and minimise risk, writes Jeremy Shinton

Precision timing module for cellular networks

LEA-M8F leverages GNSS satellites with other clock sources to ensure base stations stay in-sync

Conformance testing ensures clear open communications

Open control and automation networks, upon which devices from many vendors can be used, are increasingly preferred throughout most industrial sectors. John Browett explains the role and importance of conformance testing

Field telecoms and cloud computing

Volker Jarsch looks at the communication options available to oil and gas companies as they move to the 'digital field'

High-speed connectivity helps to optimise energy plant performance

Faster, more reliable communication systems are bringing high-speed connectivity to the oil and gas industry - and improving personnel and plant safety too. Sean Ottewell reports

Combining cellular and positioning

Capitalising on the combined business of in-house cellular and positioning technologies u-blox provides advanced solutions for many different applications that require wireless connectivity and/or global positioning

Industrial wireless blackout looms, warns GAMBICA

Industrial trade body is calling for the harmonisation of the new EN62657-2 industrial wireless co-existence standard. Without the standard, major industrial failure can occur

Power supply provides 1000W in ultra-compact 1U package

Features include variable fan speed, 12V/300mA isolated bias supply, remote ON/OFF, output voltage control

Dark fibre communications research service to power the future internet

Software defined optical network will enable researchers to create vital underpinning communications technologies

Communication and monitoring of equipment in remote locations

The Quatro SmartTower is a totally IP based communications system which uses IP cameras and wireless passive detectors

Remote communications for exploration and production

Exploration and drilling are highly challenging tasks and need reliable, always available communications, often outside the reach of terrestrial communication networks. Volker Jarsch reports

Wireless technology delivers track-and-trace

For real-time information, both about plant operation and personnel safety, wireless technology is at the heart of new communications developments. Sean Ottewell reports

Improving user experience through optimised cellular broadband networks

TEMS Investigation from Ascom Networking Testing is drive test software for troubleshooting, verification, optimisation and maintenance of wireless networks

Satellite modem platform

Astrium's SKYWAN 5G is compact device for all applications and network roles; supports all kinds of topologies

LTE module for superfast 4G bandwidth-hungry M2M applications

Offers 4G download speeds five-to-seven times faster than its 3G counterpart, the TOBY-L1 is i suited for high-speed bandwidth hungry M2M applications such as digital signage, mobile health, traffic management and security system applications

Taking the 'wonder' away

Developments in mine communications tend to be based on widespread computer communications in digital form and employ Wi-Fi

Transparent operating conditions

AirGRID from Patlite for wireless transmission of production data

New industrial router family

Reliable routing solution which provides a perfect entry point into the world of industrial data communication





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