500mW ultra-narrowband radio modules optimised for noisy Industrial environments

Suited to applications including telemetry, process monitoring, industrial remote controls, automatic meter reading, crane manoeuvre, logistics/asset tracking, fleet management

Battery fuel-gauging: clarity when it counts

Michele Windsor explains how inaccurate fuel gauging poses a big problem for portable military devices, where the repercussions are more severe than an inability to read e-mails on the go

Ultra-compact 64-bit multi-core module

Qormino integrates DDR SDRAMs for high performance, communication intensive applications

Communication module for mobile machine monitoring and control

Can reliably determine its location at any time and enable users to view the current position of their mobile systems

Bluetooth communication for sensors

Arc sensors have improved process measurement accuracy and speed while reducing installation and maintenance costs

Viewing a trace from multiple perspectives

New Tracealyzer for FreeRTOS and Microchip PIC32 Microcontrollers

Miniature ‘spider’ brings accurate GPS to tiny devices

Nano Spider from OriginGPS is suitable for smart watches, wearable devices, trackers, and digital cameras

Overcoming the challenge of poor internet connectivity at remote sites

Data replication ensures optimum quality of service all the way to the edge of the enterprise where connectivity is intermittent or limited, says Steve Driver

Industry 4.0: rise of the machines

Industry 4.0 will ultimately represent a significant evolution in manufacturing and industry

Engineers prefer to deliver bad news face-to-face, says survey

Engineers are braver than the UK national average when it comes to delivering bad news face-to-face, rather than by email, text, or instant message

Wireless developments boost productivity and plant security

Flexible and reliable field wireless systems are not only being used to improve productivity but, as Sean Ottewell finds, also to ensure plant security

Low-power industrial Ethernet communication chips

R-IN32M3 Series includes support for multiple protocols required for industrial Ethernet communication including CC-Link IE and EtherCAT

Industrial wireless transmitter

The electronics are protected in a rugged weatherproof, polycarbonate IP65 rated housing



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