CO2 fingerprint discovery enables safe storage of greenhouse gas

Carbon dioxide emissions could be more easily monitored following the discovery that the gas has a distinctive chemical fingerprint that varies depending on its source

Reducing CO2 emissions in the chemicals industry

Will the proposed EU emissions trading scheme changes be a burden or a blessing? By Joep van Steen

Electric shunters reduce CO2 emissions

DB Schenker Rail UK is the first rail freight operator in the country to introduce electric shunting units

The CO2 permeability problem

CO2 permeability meter measures this property for a wide range of materials, coatings, components, bottles, enclosures

Plastics from CO2

The plastics industry is beginning to use carbon dioxide – now widely considered as a pollutant – as a precursor for making a new generation of materials. Lou Reade reports

Energy efficient balancer shaft leads to engine fuel savings

Schaeffler starts volume production of INA lightweight balancer shaft and rolling bearing assembly for the new Mercedes-Benz OM 651

What exactly is an ac drive and just how does it work?

Olli Tevä outlines ac drive technology and, in particular, its uses in HVAC applications

Sewerage sludge materials handling package

Gives water a wider variety of recycling options, including energy recovery as a waste derived fuel

Redesigned dryer range boosts efficiency

Uses including packaging, assembly, plastics production and moulding, automotive, construction materials manufacturing, printing, and oil and gas activities

Reciprocating diaphragm pumps for sour gas re-injection

Lewa’s diaphragm pumps are suitable for fluids endangering the environment, toxic, sensitive, highly viscous or abrasive fluids

Gas turbines for liquefied natural gas

University is collaborating with Royal Dutch Shell in a project which looks at equipment selection for a liquefied natural gas plant

Coal-fired power plants capacity to grow by 35 per cent in next 10 years

Coal-fired power in Asia will rise to 1,464,000 MW in 2020 up from 918,000 MW this year, says McIlvaine Company

Health monitoring systems are key to the modern plant

Monitoring is fundamental to modern plant asset management within the power generation industries

CFB offers potential solution to carbon emissions problem

Robert Giglio and Justin Wehrenberg investigate circulating fluidised bed technology as a potential solution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Tool monitors shallow internal corrosion in pipes

Ralf Ahlbrink and Thomas Beuker outline the benefits of a shallow internal corrosion tool incorporating eddy current technology

Gas meters provide smart two-way communication of accurate data

Smart metering systems, which combine smart gas, electricity meters and visual display units into one metering system, have been installed in more than 18 000 UK homes.

Cam-clutches provide protection overrun in fans and air conditioners

A special design of lift-off cams that ensures precise backstopping and optimised speed while overrunning without further contacts between cams and races

HVAC drives tailored to building automation industry

Vacon introduces a new product range, specifically tailored to building automation industry, comprising of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning sector (HVAC) applications





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