Chain reaction

Greg Sharp reveals how constant development keeps chain at the forefront of technology

Chain: one of the unsung heroes of the engineering world

Although a long established technology, it continues to develop and improve, so remains one of the most efficient methods of power transmission available today. Greg Sharp looks at some of the recent developments and shows how they appeal to new markets

Helping OEMs reduce costs

OEMs are under to meet the service levels expected of them while also remaining cost competitive

Chains help keep frost at bay

Frost Removal System that blasts dry, compressed air in a pulsed motion across the fin face of the evaporator to eliminate the frost build up

Light work for lighting beams and indoor cranes

The maximum extension/retraction speed of e-spool power is 1.2m/s, says energy chain specialist igus

CAT 5, 6, 6A and 7 Ethernet cable standards supported for energy chains

Energy chain and continuous flex cable company igus now offers a full range of Ethernet chain flex cables to meet these standards

Modular energy chain delivery system 'reduces assembly time by up to 80%'

With a frame thickness of only 40 millimetres, the new igus readychain ‘light’ is only half the size of its original readychain rack, and is suitable for smaller applications

Offshore Europe 2013: RUD exhibits new offshore products

Displaying range of lifting and lashing applications, offering more than 270 different tested and certified lifting/lashing points

Rock and roll

Abrasive dust particles infiltrate chain links and cause corrosion which leads to elongation and eventual failure




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