High temperature lead type capacitors

High degree of durability is needed for a capacitor deployed in automotive applications

High-operating temperature radial-leaded ceramic capacitors

RS Components introduces HOTcap high-operating temperature radial-leaded ceramic capacitors from Vishay

World’s smallest 1uF monolithic ceramic capacitor

Suits space-constrained enclosures of mobile electronics such as smartphones and wearable devices

Metallised film motor run capacitor

Allows designers to maximise motor life by matching the capacitor value with the motor’s characteristics

Axial metallised polyester/polypropylene film capacitors

JFGA series is available in industry standard capacitance values ranging from 33000pF to 68µF

High-density moulded super capacitors

Reduces humidity and leakage with the benefit of reducing potential shorting issues

Snap-in power aluminium capacitors

For audio, industrial, and general power supply applications, devices feature high capacitance to 47,000µF




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