New low-loss cable

Military vehicle and naval applications targeted with flame-resistant, flexible design

EMC rail for cable entry system

These are galvanized for extra longevity

Low voltage electrical jointing resin launched

It combines new features for cable protection

Range of connectors expands

Mono and stereo jack sockets now available

Waterproof gland takes cables with and without connectors

This meets IP65, IP66, IP67 and IP68 protection ratings

New sealed wire-to-wire connectors

These narrow units are designed for sensors, lighting, vending machines and liquid dispensers

New medical push-pull connectors

These complied with ISO 13485 through the design, production and quality control stages

New snap-on connectors for quick mating

Ten types now available with frequency ranges from DC to 40 GHz, serving input power up to 2W maximum

Connectors for reduced space operations

The design reduces the panel surface footprint by 40% allowing them to be used where space or weight is at a premium

New easy locking connector

This 2A, 150V system is set for use primarily in the medical device industry where lots of portable equipment is used

New daisy-chain board connector

The device separates communication terminals into two standalone power and I/O connectors

European project targets a complete supply chain for silicon photonics

Includes 15 leading R and D institutes and CMOS companies, research organisations in design and packaging and end users. Nick Flaherty reports





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