Maintaining uptime

James Davey explains why preventative maintenance is so vital for these industries

The future of electricity

Nick Boughton discusses how businesses need to adapt to keep up with increased energy demands

Intelligent switchboards of the future

Nick Boughton discusses how switchboards need to adapt to keep up with increased energy demands

CDM 2015: how to comply

John Ridley gives advice on how to comply with the Construction Design and Management regulations when starting a new construction project

Dealing with legacy systems

Nick Boughton discusses best practice for obsolescence management from a systems integrator point of view

Smart travel for future cities

Integrating and connecting new tram lines for ‘’smart city’. The tram offers a convenient alternative to the stressful city centre traffic

Energy supplies – a new paradigm?

Nick Boughton discusses how emerging technologies can provide a new answer to an old question: renewables are great, but what happens if it’s not sunny or windy?

Top five causes of PLC control system failure

Systems integrator clarifies most common reasons PLC control systems fail

Systems integration: 24-7 support service

Boulting Technology is now offering its extensive industry expertise to help businesses maximise plant uptime

The guardians of industrial networks

Industrial network service includes consultancy, feasibility testing, network design, implementation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance

Future-proofed power management

The gradual move towards ‘smart’ technologies, in factories, homes, buildings, cities and energy grids, has created new industry demands in terms of power generation, usage, quality and protection

Importance of planning

John Ridley gives advice on how to comply with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations when starting a new construction project

Technology and standards: a close connection?

Nick Boughton contrasts the relationship between technology and standards in the commercial and industrial spheres

Move over millennials, Generation Z is here

Robin Whitehead explains how engineering companies and manufacturers should change their recruitment strategy as Generation Z joins the workforce

Think of this when you say smart energy

Nick Boughton discusses a smarter approach to energy efficiency

From switchroom to container

Nick Boughton explains why the answer to complex electrical projects is not always adapting the system to fit the space

Choosing the right critical power supply

In industrial environments, the process of identifying the right critical power supply for individual applications can be complicated. Here, Pat McLaughlin discusses the five things that companies should keep in mind when choosing a switchboard

Collapsing architecture in infrastructure

There will be 25 million industrial and commercial connected devices in use by 2020. Here, Nick Boughton discusses how greater connectivity is changing infrastructure

Changing industry standards: one year on

Last November, OEMs, panel builders, electrical engineers, consulting engineers and contractors were affected when industry standard BS EN 61439 became mandatory. One year on, Pat McLaughlin evaluates its impact




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