Aviation biofuel contract renewed

United continues with commitment to lower carbon fuel

Could waste help fuel the future?

New technologies are allowing waste-to-energy to become more sustainable

New fuel for aviation applications

This is undergoing testing to see if it meets the ASTM D1655 standard

Cloud-based remote monitoring

BinCom automates sensor data collection, dissemination and reporting

Researchers find way to turn sawdust into gasoline

Using a new chemical process, they were able to convert the cellulose in sawdust into hydrocarbon chains

Jatropha: the multi-purpose energy crop

Klaus Tropf explains why it makes much sense to invest in Jatropha cultivation and utilisation

Anaerobic digestion plant to produce 1.5MW of renewable energy

FLI Energy completes construction of Tamar Energy’s Basingstoke Anaerobic Digestion Facility

Harmonising the production of foodstuffs and energy

Vin2Food process facilitates ecologically sound and economically attractive use of the vinasse/slurry

Longer life and more reliable sealing in hoses, gaskets and o-rings for biofuels

Viton fluoroelastomer compounds have the ability to resist and withstand such attacks from a growing range of solvents and fuels

New generation biomass power plant

Control technology helps deliver green energy as innovative biomass power plant goes on stream in Italy

Biofuels: communities harmed by large palm oil plantations’ practices

Research reveals impacts of palm oil in South-east Asia, proposes reform of EU biofuel policy

Biomethane system integrated into biogas processing plant

Biomethane is forwarded to the feed-in station that serves as the interface to the natural gas grid

Biopower heats Swiss army barracks

Plant's entire heat surplus will be used to heat the local training barracks

Analyser for bio gas

System can analyse up to four anaerobic digesters at once

Video: On-farm biogas power project generates energy for nearly 1,000 homes

CH4 Biogas LLC built, owns and operates the project under the name Synergy Biogas LLC

World Forum on ‘Fuel, Food and the Environment: The Bioenergy Challenge’

20th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition will take place in Italy in June

Jatropha: could this be the crop to power the future of biofuels?

Millions of hectares of contiguous equatorial wasteland will soon produce a crop that offers solutions where other biofuels face questions. Drake Calvin reports

Rising oil prices force harder focus on biofuels

As oil prices rise, biofuels are attracting ever more investment. The challenge now is to be able to extract enough oil from them at a price that is competitive enough to make commercial production viable. Sean Ottewell reports.

In search of tomorrow's biofuels

Once seen as the solution for climate change, biofuels have since come under attack because of the use of fertile land to grow core biofuel crops. Now teams are developing biofuels that really could help save the planet

Could urine be the future of electricity generation?

Scientists have tested the viability of urine as a potential fuel in order to directly produce electricity




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