Preventing chemical spills by protecting secondary containment areas

Marina Silva looks at incidents and accidents that occurred as a result of insufficient secondary containment and reviews standards and legislation pertaining to chemical protection

Polymer solutions to improve the efficiency of water systems

Alice Jucquois introduces the use of hydrophobic coatings for pump efficiency improvement

Pitting repairs in process vessels

Marina Silva discusses pitting corrosion in high-temperature/high-pressure process vessels and ways to repair it. She also compares the use of hot work and repairs completed utilising cold applied epoxy materials, introducing the latest innovations in polymer technology

Enhancement resistance to erosion and corrosion

Specialised polymeric coatings which can offer excellent resistance to erosion, corrosion and cavitation in hydroelectric equipment. Kyle Flanagan reports

The flange protection challenge

The integrity of flanged connections is critical to the containment of fluids in a piping system. Juan Lopez and Alice Jucquois report




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