Renewable repairs

Polymeric solutions maintain green energy progress, explains Thomas Belli

Keeping a paper mill operational

De-barkers process high volumes of material, creating an extremely abrasive environment, but an innovative lining can help keep things running

Cold-bonding polymeric techniques prove their advantages over welding

Examining the cold-bonding repair of a heavily corroded diesel tank, Tom Belli discusses how a train refurbishment company are able to restore dilapidated trains to like-new condition in minimal time, while ensuring long-lasting protection

Progress in pump performance

Polymer solutions to improve the efficiency of water systems

Emergency situations demand rapid repairs

Corroded contaminated metals: what’s the solution? By Levente Bazsanyi

Downtime: the hidden cost of coatings

A coating system that is cheaper to procure may turn out to be more expensive once total expenses are tallied

Composite materials for bearing bonding to secure rudder integrity

The use of composite materials offers an alternative to traditional press and freeze fitting that ensures not only accurate alignment but also long-term secure location of the bearing. Alice Jucquois reports

Vessel leak sealed without hot work or drainage

Belzona SuperWrap II saves failing seawater filter vessel. By Tom Belli




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