Robust and compact sensors for greater flexibility

Sensors can be used in applications such as level measurement or assembly and handling technology

M12 inductive sensors offer nanometre resolution

The new IPRM 12 inductive sensor from Baumer features an M12 stainless steel housing, yet it measures with a resolution of up to 50nm

Vision sensors' new functions boost operation and use

Baumer's latest Verisens vision sensors benefit from new 'Backup and Restore' and 'User and Password' functions, as well as improved image evaluation

Level sensor can be used reliably with all types of media

Baumer's LBFS level switch uses frequency sweep technology and is a cost-effective alternative to vibrating forks, conductive ultrasonic or optical sensors

Machine vision cameras double GigE bandwidth

Cameras incorporate Dual GigE technology that doubles standard GigE data bandwidth to 240MB/s for data-intensive applications




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