How can batteries for test and measurement be trusted?

Some tips for designers specifying power packs for instruments

Honda's Plan for Used EV batteries

As part of its ongoing effort to reduce CO2 emissions from its vehicles and operations, Honda is conducting research with Ohio-based electric utility American Electric Power to develop a network of used electric vehicle batteries that could be integrated into AEP's electricity system.

The future of recycling for lithium-ion EV batteries

In the United States, 99% of all lead-acid automotive batteries are recycled, making them among one of the most-recycled goods you can buy.

BorgWarner teams up with Romeo Power Technology

New venture will focus on EV battery modules

2019’s battery tech challenge

Developing markets mean opportunity and threat for battery technology

Space Zephyr Program benefits from new batteries

Silicon anode technology offers hundreds of charge cycles

Battery benefits and the future of energy storage

Improved methods of storing and distributing energy from the energy grid could dramatically improve the way the world accesses power.

Smarter powered medical carts

Lithium iron phosphate technology now available

Rethinking component design for electric vehicles

Facing the challenges of power management when getting the most from the battery is crucial

New NTC thermistor probe assembly for Li-ion batteries

The device provides temperature sensing for EV batteries, off-grid energy storage and alternative energy applications

Advances in battery technology

How thin cell batteries are revolutionising industry

Improvements in lithium dendrite control

Surface imperfections are holding lithium back when it comes to energy storage. New research from Arizona State University could extend battery life and improve safety

Batteries: As clear as (lead) crystal

Andy Parfitt discusses how developments in battery technology can help organisations restore costly server room/data centre operations and provide a more cost-effective, energy-efficient and resilient future

Solar power storage system sales set to soar in Germany

Prices and politics put PV storage in the spotlight




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