Underground excavation, mining and construction

Construction Chemicals forms part of the BASF group dedicated to providing solutions for the underground excavation, mining and construction industry

Tunnel vision

Martijn-K Mannot-Russell explores the use of mechanised tunnel machines in the mining industry

Fire-protection panels feature new epoxy resin coating

High protective effect against external environmental influences; new coating complies with REACH chemicals regulation

Hot mission for a generator

Wintershall switches to a gas turbine with a synchronous generator to supply electricity to desert gas/oil separation plant

Thermal imaging camera detects faults before they lead to real problems

FLIR P-Series camera used in a variety of applications that extend from checking the integrity of insulation and level measurement to electrical inspection and process optimisation

Scratch prevention coating

Marco Benen reports on an innovative clearcoat which provides long-lasting protection from microscratches without an additional layer

Formic acid to fight slippery road conditions

Environmentally more acceptable and more efficient than conventional gritting material




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